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1791/1792 Pojoaque Marriages

On September 1, 1791, married and veiled Jose Antonio Rivera, soldier at the Santa Fe Presidio, with Maria Loreta Ortis, single, resident of this jurisdiction.  Witnesses:  Pedro Truxillo and Julian Quintana, residents of this jurisdiction.

On November 8, 1791, married and veiled, Francisco, Indian of the Pueblo of Nambe with Vitoria, Indian of the Pueblo of Pujuaque.  Witnesses:  Francisco Chinche and Jose Manuel, at the Pueblo of Nambe.

On February 22, 1792, married, Asencio Chilaque, widower with Antonia, widow of this Pueblo.  Witnesses:  Antonio Chaves and Juancho of the Pueblo.

Priests Note

On December 3, 1792, married and veiled, Juan Antonio Gonzales, the younger, single legitimate son of Josef Cristobal Gonzales and Ynes Vaca of Pujuaque with Maria Isabel Martin, also single, legitimate and natural daughter of Mario Martin and Maria Rosa Duran, padrinos:  Martin S. Gil and his wife, Paula.  Witnesses:  Juan Domingo Gomez, married, 50 and Nicolas Gomez, 55. (25/26)

References:  LDS #16040

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