Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pedro Antonio Ortiz, Santa Fe, Jan 17 1852 Will

Pedro Antonio Ortiz, a resident of this villa of Santa Fe, is sick in bed and orders this will be made. I was married and veiled to Maria Ysabel Pacheco, for 32 years and of this marriage we had 12 children: Maria Ygnacia, Jose Manuel, Maria Francisca, Sesaria, Maria Ynes, Maria Francisca de Solis, Jose Encarnacion, Antonio Jose, Jose Francisco, Maria Guadalupe, Maria Trinidad and Maria Anastacia Abad.

I declare that when we married, I brought into our marriage, animals, a house, and various lands. He owns yet more land, animals, equipment and leaves that to his wife and children.

He voids the will be made in 1849 and names his new executors as Simon Apodaca and Jose Francisco Baca, January 17, 1852, which he signs and witnesses by: Tomas Baca, Jose Miguel Montaño, Jose Manuel Baca and Mariano Belarde. Filed and recorded on March 11, 1873.

Reference: Santa Fe County Probate & Will Book "D", pgs. 175-177

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