Thursday, February 23, 2012

Juana de Sosa Canela (Luera), Santa Fe 1713

In the Spanish Archives of New Mexico a document dated 1713, a land deal which starts off with the person stating who she is - I, Juana de Sosa Canela, widow of the adjutant Salvador Matias de Luera. She then declares having a lot and house (un solar y casa) near the cemetery of the Church, which is of course in this villa of Santa Fe, which my deceased husband, obtained in a royal and legal sale as shown by the deeds of sale and which are in my possession. The boundaries are east the lands of the Convent and the cemetery; west, the house of Mateo Trujillo; north the street where I have built my house; south is the Rio Chiquito. I declare to have sold to Miguel Carrillo, on a portion of said land, ten varas of wall, single adobe, good and well constructed on said strip of land, there is a patio, measuring from east to west, 13 varas, from the foundation of said cemetery, for a sum of $75 pesos. She is fully satisfied.

Reference: SANM I, Twitchell Archive No. 162

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