Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Civil War Headstones - Santa Fe National Cemetery

Over the decades I have spent many hours just walking around this beautiful cemetery looking at all the headstones and what they might be telling us. We don't have too many Civil War Headstones that occupy this cemetery, but I found one in 2005 that was of interest to me. Abelino Blea who died October 18, 1910. Unfortunately, it didn't have his birth date, but it does have his company and on the reverse side, his widow's name as she was later buried with him and her name is Cassimira Escudero. She would have passed on 100 years ago this year.

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  1. I, too, love Civil War veterans headstones. There is one of my ancestral family in Trinidad, CO in the Catholic Cemetery there for MAJOR RAFAEL SOTERO CHACON (22 Apr 1833, Santa Fe, NM -- 23 Jul 1925, Trinidad, CO). Major Chacon is in my ancestral family through the marriage of one his sons, Jose Eusebio Chacon, to Sofia Barela, daughter of Senator Casimiro Barela whose second wife was my great-aunt, Damiana Ribera. He is also in my family history database through the marriage of one his daughters, Gumecinda (1861-1942) to Jose Policarpio Cordova (d.1924)