Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1785 Pojoaque

On January 17, 1785, married, Juan Manuel Poupi, single legitimate son of Santiago, deceased and Maria Jomuno, with Juana Reguacha, widow of Francisco. Wit" Juan Jose Zuazo and his wife, Antonia Vquija, all from the same pueblo.

On January 29, 1785, married and veiled, Pedro Clemente Benavides, español, single, resident of this jurisdiction, legitimate son of Pablo Benavides, deceased and Maria Gonzales, with Maria Guadalupe Gallego, española, single, legitimate daughter of Miguel Gallego and Josefa Gutierrez. Wit: Santiago Silva and Juana Encarnacion Belasquez, all residents of this jurisdiction.

On April 15, 1785, maried and veiled Juan Xptobal, single Indian, resident of this Pueblo, legitimate son of Juan Lorenzo and Margarita, both deceased with Juana Maria, single, from the same Pueblo, natural daughter of Queteria Silva and unknown father. Wit: Governor Antonio Chabes, el fiscal mayor, Antonio Pasqual and his wife.

On May 4, 1785, married and veiled Francisco Trujillo, resident of this jurisdiction, legitimate son of Alonso Trujillo and Phelipa _arreza, both deceased and residents of El Passo, with Maria Getrudis Duran, single, resident of this jurisdiction, legitimate daughter of Pedro Antonio Duran and Maria Micaela Garcia Noriega. Wit: Jose Antonio Medina, Maria Getrudis Romero, his wife. (11)

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