Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blas Roybal Will, Santa Fe, NM

Interesting information can be found on our ancestors if we take the time to drive to our local county office or archive center. During a recent trip to Santa Fe to look at some old Probate and Will books (also filmed), I found a partial will recorded for Blas Roybal in Book C, pg. 3. Pages 4-13 are missing, but with one page we find the following. He's ill, but of sound mind and judgement. He was married to Feliciana Rodriguez for the span of more than forty years and during which time they had these children - Ygnacio, Guadalupe and Benito who he recognizes as his legitimate heirs.

From other records we know he was married December 12, 1823 in Santa Fe. He is the son of Miguel Roybal and Maria Antonia Gonzales; his wife is the daughter of Ysidro Antonio Rodriguez and Maria de la Luz Fernandez (my ancestors). This will was dated July 15, 1862. Blas was born about 1801, making him almost 61 when he made this will prior to his death.

He goes on at the end to mention the clothes, the house should not be divided until Feliciana passes and then half should go to his daughter Guadalupe. The two sons, Ygnacio and Benito each get one pistol. Just from the length of the will (pages missing), it appears that Blas was a wealthy man. Citation for the will would be "Santa Fe County, NM, Probate and Will Book C, pages 3, 14, 15."

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