Friday, December 16, 2011

Antonio Cordova marries Rosalia Romero, Pojoaque, NM - 1779

The first Pojoaque marriage entry dated February 9, 1779, Antonio Cordova, español, single, resident of la Cañada, legitimate son of Gregorio Cordova and Barbara Valdez, with Rosalia Romero, single, española and resident of this jurisdiction of Pujuaque, legitimate daughter of Joseph Romero and Nicolasa Truxillo, witnesses were, Bartholome Truxillo, Francisco Gonzales, Juan Ortiz and others from this pueblo [FHL #16870, first entry].

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  1. Again, thank you, Henrietta, for sharing this piece of research. While I had the couple Ma.Rosalie Romero and Antonio Cordova in my database, I had not linked this Antonio as a son of Gregorio Cordova & Barbara Valdez. Now I have been able to make another connection in my own history.
    Grateful to you.
    Gloria Cordova