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Posted on June 16, 1798 -

In continuing the Plaza Colorado Grant granted to the Valdez siblings, there is one more document dated 22 September 1798, that states Lorenzo Valdez and Juan Domingo Valdez, the former stated that he owned land by inheritance from his father, Francisco Valdez and he did sell to Juan Domingo Valdez for 200 pesos.  Bounded by lands of Lucercio Martinez and Ysidro Luna. (frame 585) 
A new name here is Francisco Valdez as a father of Lorenzo Valdez; could this be the next generation or just another son of Rosa?

~  This has to be the Francisco Valdez that married Getrudis Martin and had a son Manuel Lorenzo.  Since Juan Domingo is named as a grandson of Rosa Valdez.  Francisco and Getrudis have a daughter they name Rosa, likely after the grandma (his mother).

This is a thin dotted line on these people in trying to connect the dots.  I am wondering what other materials are at the archives that could help solidify this connection.

 Juan Domingo and Manuel Lorenzo, sell land from one to the other; land their father inherited.
Francisco Valdez married Getrudis Martin
Rosa Valdez
Jose Ruiz Valdez married Maria Hernandez Cabrera Medina.

Using records that pertain to padrinos, etc., this is starting to feel like the correct connections.|

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 27, Frames 429-472, 585. ©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

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