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Plaza Colorado Grant PLC 2 ~ Valdez

Pablo Gallegos is stating he's a descendant of Rosalia, his father's mother was Magdalena Valdez; although his memory isn't that good.  (Frame 376-377)

The Act of Settlement of the Land Grant was on 16 April 1750 by Miguel Martin, Juan Jose de la Cerda, Geronimo Martin, Ignacio Baldes, Juan Baldes for his mother, Rosalia Baldes and Manuel de la Rosa. (Frame 442).

Based on some of the testimony it appears they don't all know the relationship back to the original grantees; but there is enough data to make many connections. 

Summary:  Pedro Ygnacio Gallegos signs many of the documents for the lands of Juan Bautista Valdez along with Marcos Delgado.  Pedro Ygnacio Gallegos and Maria Guadalupe Valdez (Marcos Delgado) are 2nd cousins.

Maria Guadalupe (Marcos Delgado)  is the daughter of Juan Domingo Valdez and Maria de la Luz Martin.
   Juan Domingo Valdez is the son of Rosa Valdez.
     Rosa Valdez is the daughter of Jose Ruiz Valdez and Maria Hernandez Cabrera Medina.

Magdalena Valdez married Pedro Ygnacio Gallegos.
  Magdalena is the daughter of Ygnacio Luis Valdez and Juana Martin.
    Ygnacio Luis Valdez is the son of Jose Ruiz Valdez and Maria Hernandez Cabrera Medina.

Julian Valdez married to Margarita Velarde.
  He's the son of Valdez and 'no name' Mom.
    Juan Lorenzo Valdez and Josefa Salazar.  [this one pieced together by the testimony but missing a generation].

This one is a bit harder, and talking the thought process out with Patricia S. Rau, we can't come to any conclusions, just a dotted line.
  Ruperta Luna b. 1837
    Her father, Juan Luna married Maria Francisca Garcia
       His parents, Ysidro Luna married Maria de la luz Valdez, whose padrinos when they married were Domingo Valdez and Magdalena Valdez. Domingo the son of Rosa Valdez and Magdalena the daughter of Ygnacio. For sure a dotted line up the Valdez lineage, but how does that work out in a chart and to whom?  Clearly from the family and they descend from Jose Ruiz Valdez and Maria Hernandez Cabrera Medina.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, PLC 2, Reel 33, Frames 376-442. ©Henrietta M. Christmas

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