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Plaza Colorado and Plaza Blanca Grants ~ 1739 Valdez

In continuing the Plaza Colorado Grant granted to the Valdez siblings, there is one more document dated 22 September 1798, that states Lorenzo Valdez and Juan Domingo Valdez, the former stated that he owned land by inheritance from his father, Francisco Valdez and he did sell to Juan Domingo Valdez for 200 pesos.  Bounded by lands of Lucercio Martinez and Ysidro Luna. (frame 585) 

A new name here is Francisco Valdez as a father of Lorenzo Valdez; could this be the next generation?

At the neighboring grant known as Plaza Blanca and first granted to Manuel Bustos on 18 May 1739 the lands are bound by Vicente Jiron, Rosalia Valdez and the hills and river. (frame 472)

Ruperta de Luna claims the land by inheritance on her mother's side a great grand-daughter of Manuel Bustos.  (frame 429)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 27, Frames 429-472, 585.

"The descendants of Juan Lorenzo and Ignacio Valdez are quite numerous and reside upon the land.  I also reside there - Don Pablo Gallegos, Jose de la Luz Gallegos, Reis Gonzales, Jose Maria Chavez, Maria Manuela Valdez and her sons, Juan Andres Martinez, Manuela Martinez, Cruz Martinez, Aniceto Moya, and Ruperta Luna.

Juan Lorenzo Valdez heirs, are Pablo Gallegos through his grandmother; the grandpa of Jose Luz Gallegos was a brother to the father of Pablo Gallegos; Reis Gallegos by purchase; Jose Maria Chavez by purchase; Maria Manuela Valdez inherited from Julian Valdez and the sons of Maria Manuela Valdez claim through Aniceto Moya by inheritance from his father; Ruperta Luna claims by inheritance from her father.  Dated December 1885"  Testimony of Jose Maria Chavez

 References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 27, Frames 560-561.
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