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Geronimo Gonzales, Probate of Will - 1860

Another will shared with me to post on the blog.  

Final Will and Testament of Geronimo Gonzales
Territory of New Mexico
County of San Miguel

In the name of God, all powerful, the Virgin Mary, Amen.

Know all ye that this testament that I, Geronimo Gonzales, a resident of Puerticito, jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado.  I am of sound mind and judgment and I hereby order this my final testament voluntarily and in the following manner.

I declare that my body be buried at la cuesta and that the funeral be paid for.

I declare that my third wife and I have given her guardianship over the natural children of hers and mine.

I declare to have 138 varas of land.
I declare to have a working mill and part is with Antonio Gonzales.
I declare to have two room in a house with half a Sala and half a portal.
I declare to have nine mattresses, four blankets, one bed cover, three pillows, one small chest and one large chest, a pair of oxen, three large cows, a she-calf of three years more or less and one younger one and one small bull of Nacencia, five large goats and one small, one he-goat.
I declare to have seven benches.

I declare to have been married to Juana Maria Estefana Gurule for 15 years and between us we had four children who are:  Juan Cristobal, Jose Antonio, Justo and Tomas and two girls whom she brought under my power, these are my legitimate heirs and said guardianship and that my other children do not have a say in this.

I declare to have been married to Maria Loreto Baldonado for ten years and in this marriage we had three children who are:  Tomas, Refugio and Juan whom I recognize as my heirs.

I declare having married a second time to Maria Bibiana Cordova, 30 years and we had six children who are: Maria Gertrudes, Antonio, Jose Encarnacion, Florencio and Benito whom I recognize as my heirs.

I declare and order that one room of my house in which I live, with half the Sala and half the portal and part of the lands which are 15 varas which are located below should not be confused as this is my wish and the wish of my children.  In addition, a pair of she burros I give voluntarily to my mother, Rosita Gonzales for having given assistance to my small children until this day and this said land is borders to the south with lands of Jose Encarnacion and to the north lands that belong to me the testator.

I declare to had in property 169 varas of land of which can be used to pay for my funeral and what is left to be divided equally amongst my children the first, second and third.

I declare to have an iron shovel, two good axes, an old shovel, an iron bar, a large hoe, a chisel, a hacksaw, two hoes and that is all I have in property.  I have as my executors first Antonio Gonzales and second Julian Baca and with due form I sing this before the two witnesses on 6 November 1859 AD. 
Geronimo Gonzales, testator
Juan Ygnacio Muñis, witness
Gaspar Lovato, witness

Territory of New Mexico
County of San Miguel
The following will has been sent to probate on this day 24 September 1860 AD, signed Probate Clerk, Prudencio Lopes.

Territory of New Mexico
County of San Miguel

These declarants and request and credential – Antonio Gonsales and Julian Baca, having been sworn in to conform to the law, declare and say, That the heirs of the deceased Geronimo Gonsales, who are as follows: Tomas Gonsales, Maria Refugio, Juan, Maria Gertrudes, Antonio, Jose Encarnacion, Florencio, Benito, Juan Cristobal, Jose Antonio, Justo and Thomas, who live in this county of San Miguel and territory of New Mexico, that the deceased will has been probated by the Hon. Prudencio Lopes, Probate Clerk of this said county.  But they in effect will make an entire inventory and will administer to all the goods which belonged to the deceased and they will pay any debts of which they are notified and will follow the law. Sworn in before me, Antonio Nieto, scribe to the Probate County on this 24th of September 1860 AD.  Signed Antonio Nieto, scribe
Antonio Gonsales and Juliana Baca y Duran.

Territory of New Mexico
County of San Miguel

Know ye all that these proceeding that we Antonio Gonsales and Julian Baca (illegible), Jose Guadalupe Gallegos, Candelario Ulibarri, guarantors we have had and are firmly obliged in this territory of New Mexico, for the amount of 50 pesos for the following truths that we have paid and oblige to do so.  We are also heirs execute and administrate firmly for these proceedings. Signed and sealed on this 24th of September 1860 AD.

The condition of the obligation is that like Antonio Gonsales and Julian Baca have been named as executors of the goods of the deceased Geronimo Gonzales and voluntarily through his testament and probate by the Hon. Prudencio Lopes, in the said county.  The two executors complied with all the debts and voluntary appointments of the testator and followed the law; and the above obligation noted above is null and void and otherwise remains in full force and valid.

Probate – Prudencio Lopes, Probate Judge
Antonio Gonsales
Julian B. y Duran
JG Gallegos
Candelario Ulibarri

In the county of San Miguel, Territory of New Mexico, that in regards to the will and testament of the deceased Geronimo Gonsales, has been done in the due form having been probated y registered in the office of the Prefect of the referenced county and territory; leaving some property in this county that could be destroyed or donated without it being secured.  Quickly, for the purpose of this and the said property be given with ___ and arranged for those who have the right or an interest following the law to foresee that the authorization of Antonio Gonsales and Julian Baca, executors of the goods of the deceased, Geronimo Gonsales, at the time of his death were given full power and the ability to secure  and dispose of the possessions of the deceased’s property, paying all the bills that were presented against the said deceased and to those that view this ___ and they did all the acts and things that they were directed to in complying with the law.

In this testimony, I hereby sign my name and seal in this office at San Jose on the 24th of September 1860 AD.  Signed Prudencio Lopes, Probate Judge.

Reference:  San Miguel County Probate Records, Serial #16796, Pages 46-50.  Transcribed by ©Benny Bernal.

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