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Soldier, Jose Ortega ~ Will 1825

Know all who see this testament that I, Jose Ortega, 2nd Corporal of the National Company of Santa Fe, find myself ill and execute this my last will and testament in the following form.

I declare to have been married to Maria Manuela Rodrigues in which we had four children of which one died; and they are Maria Manuela, Nicolasa and Jose.   The three mentioned are living whom together with my wife, declare as my legitimate children and lawful heirs.

I declare that I have been married to Maria Guadalupe Sandoval for eight years in which we had and reared to children: Jose Macimo and Juan Pablo, whom I acknowledge together with my wife as my legitimate children and lawful heirs.

I declare as my property a gun, a lance, a cartridge belt, a saddle, a pair of saddle pads, a bridle, and a pair of stirrups, boots, a rope and a garina.

I declare as my property two unbranded mules of the company; one horse owed me by the soldier Santiago Armijo which I order collected; and a burro which is at my house.

I declare to have in the company my balances, the amount of which I’m ignorant; but it will be known by the account book.

I declare two rooms in a house which my brother Felipe Sandoval has made use of.  I order the equivalent be collected.

I declare as my household furniture, five holy pictures, two mattresses, a blanket, a hide, two boxes without locks, and one with a lock.

I declare that all my chattels and what is left of my balance it is my will, if any first children agree and God deigns to take me to His judgment, that they be divided in two equal parts; the first for my wife and the second for my first and second children.

I declare that Ramon Baca, a resident of El Vado, owes me eight pesos and eight sacks of corn, I order this collected.

I declare that don Cristobal Larrañaga owes me two pesos; and Jose Larrañaga owes me two pesos more; I order them collected.

I declare that I owe the Señor Political Chief nine pesos in cash; I order them paid.

I order that of the residue of my balances, after paying that which is mentioned in the foregoing former clause and of all mentioned in this testament, I leave half to my wife and the other half to be divided equally among my children; and this is my will which must be fulfilled as stated.

I declare as my administrators, first my brother-in-law, Andres Ortega and second my brother, Francisco Sandoval.

Executed in this city of Santa Fe on the 15th of January 1825.

Signed Jose Ortega, rubric; Francisco Garcia, rubric.
Wit/ Jose Larrañaga and Juan Venavides.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1235, Reel 6, Frames 810-812.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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