Monday, December 22, 2014

Simon Leyba ~ Will 1783

I,  Zimon de Leiba declare I am ill and hereby make my last and final will and testament.

I declare that I was married and veiled to Feliciana Gonzales who is deceased and we had one child who is Salvador Xto, who I declare is my legitimate and sole heir.

I declare my home with six rooms, a corral, a shed, a plaza and a kitchen garden.

I declare that I do not owe anyone anything.

Declare that Francisco Unsures owes me 17 pesos de la tierra, I order them collected.

I declare that Francisco Coris of Santo Domingo Pueblo owes me 15 rams, 10 sheep, I order them collected.

I declare I have 13 breeding cows, four pair of oxen, 30 female sheep without young.

I declare I own a handful of mares, 10 tame horses, a non-broken horse, five burros, two broncos, three ____ in the hands of Antonio Riega at arroyo de Piedra.

I declare I own two saints in bultos, one Santo Cristo in bronze, a large rug of 27 varas, one cabacha, two benches, one pot, a bronze case.

I declare one piece of land in which to plant wheat, next to the Tenorios.

In my possession a sabre that belong to my father, now deceased.

An old Petaca in the house where I was born at in Santa Fe.

A pistol, bullet case and Spanish escopeta.

A piece of land that was my inheritance from my father, Jose Leiba.

I name Salvador Xto as my executor and I ask that Salbador Rivera officiate the will.

Signed at Santa Fe on October 15, 1783, Francisco Antonio Suazo.

Zimon de Leyba, rubric; wit/ Francisco Apodaca, rubric and Jose Miguel Bachicha, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Twitchell 868, Reel 11, Frames 604-606.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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