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Maria Micaela Baca ~ Will 1832

I, Maria Micaela Baca, finding myself seriously ill and voluntarily dispose of this my testament in the following manner:

I have been married for sixteen years to don Antonio Jose Ortiz, from which marriage we had and raised ten children:  of these seven did not acquire the water of the Holy Baptism and three are still living, they are Jose Francisco, Ygnacio and Maria de la Luz, whom I recognize as my legitimate children.

I declare that I was married a second time to don Diego Montoya for the period of 28 years, from which marriage we had and raised five children:  of these three died in their infancy and two are still living:  Bentura and Luisa.  Observing that to this second marriage I brought to the possession of my husband the chattels that are mentioned in a memorandum and acknowledgment which I have in my possession, executed by don Bartolome Fernandez at my request, from which my children shall not ask my said husband for anything because I have entirely used them.

I declare as my property the residential house which is the half that is composed of eight rooms, half of the corral and half of the orchard and porches.

I declare as my chattels the fifth share which my deceased husband don Diego Montoya assigned to me, as shown in the testamentary clauses, which amount cannot be known because I have not received all of it.

I declare that in my residential home I have one more room than those mentioned, which I received as a gift from my deceased husband.

I declare one ranch in the Taos Valley as shown by the deed which I have in my possession, observing that half of the said ranch and house belongs to my first children and the other to all in equal parts.

I declare a ranch located in the settlement of Pojoaque, the deed for which has not been finished.  And I can only refer to the boundaries, half of which shall be partitioned among the first and the other had in equal parts among all of them.

I declare 100 ewes, which are held in shares by Don Pedro Jose Perea.

I declare as my chattels three boxes, one chest which belonged to my mother, which was held to pay for Masses for the repose of her soul.

I declare wearing apparel composed of one scarlet silk dress, one of black silk – embroidered, one of blue Chinese silk, another of gauze, one silk handkerchief, one shawl, one kettle, one frying pan, five silver plates and one bowl.  All of these listed in this clause were acquired during my first marriage and shall be divided correspondingly.

I declare as my chattels one black mantilla, two silks shawls, one lawn dress – embroidered, one of tarlatan, one of lawn with ruffle, one of black ribbed silk, one pair of gold earrings without spangles, two strings of round gold beads, three gold rings, three calico dresses, four bed sheets, three bedspreads – two of cotton.  Of these bedspreads I order be given to my boy Juan, and to my two servants, one mattress, one muslin bed sheet and to Maria de Jesus one new blue blanket.

I declare as my chattels, two wardrobes with a key, one trunk lined with buckskin and two Mexican trunks, lined; three china plates; four large mirrors and four small; 11 holy pictures; six sconces; two wooden benches; four candlesticks; four footstools; one small table; one settee; two bedsteads; two new kettles; one small; one brass bucket; two old kettles; two spits; two griddles; one large iron pot; two small hoes; two ploughshares; seven sickles; 20 plates, 12 glasses; 12 cups; four fine chocolate mugs; one conserve jar; two coffee pots – one large and one small; four brass spoons; one crystal saltcellar; one small new kettle.  I order be given to Maria de Jesus, five pots, three carpets and eight pillows.

I declare as my property 20 wethers and two yearling lambs.

The goats that remain I bequeath to my two maidservants and their children.

I declare as my property two burros.

I declare that I own four cows which I gave to my mother when living were lost, and I order the value of said cows be paid in Masses for her soul from the remained of my property.

I declare as my chattels:  one small empty flask; one small desk; three bottles; one small flask and four new Indian baskets.

I declare that Antonio Marcelo owes me eight cows and I order them collected.

I declare as my chattels one small silver cup and I order it be given to my daughter Maria Luisa.

I declare as my chattels one pair of earrings; two female pigs; four shirts; four pair of stockings; six varas of narrow lace; three of wide; two varas of fine ribbon; two black handkerchiefs; and four books.

I order that the grain and the rest of the provisions found in my house and outside of it be divided among my children.

I declare as my chattels some grain mill stones; one wardrobe with key which is in my room; six mutates for my two servants.

I declare as my chattels a copper plate.

I order given to my daughter Luisa, besides what I have already assigned her one embroidered lawn dress.

I declare that the widow of don Francisco Chaves a small amount of sugar and soap whose account is shown in a document in my possession. I order the account paid, whatever it might be and delivered to the person appointed by her.

I order that the fifth part of my estate that my deceased husband don Diego left me be partitioned among my children in equal parts, except a large room of the upper house which it is my will to give to my maidservant.

I declare that no other person owes me anything but what is mentioned, nor do I owe anyone, but if any debts should appear and are proved, I order them paid.

I name as my executors, Juan Rafael Ortiz and second Juan Bautista Alarid to whom I give sufficient power to execute all that is herein deposed by me.  Signed Pablo Montoya, rubric
Wit/ Juan Rafael Ortiz, rubric; Mateo Sandobal, rubric; and Juan Bautista Alarid, rubric.

Estate valued at $1,499 and divided amongst the children and heirs.

Inventory of estate, May 14, 1832

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 144, Reel 1, Frames 996-1034 & Twitchell 146, Reel 2, Frames 1038-1077.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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