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Juan Garcia de Noriega ~ Will 1736

I, Juan Garcia de Noriega, a resident of the villa of Santa Fe, do hereby make my last will and testament at which point I requested that the alcalde mayor Antonio de Uribarri be present.

I declare that I name as my executor my son, Lazaro.

I declare that I was married the first time to Maria Bega, now deceased for the period of thirty-five years and during which time we had and raised Maria Francisca, now married to Jose Baca; Lazaro married to Maria Antonia Nieto; Antonia Camila; Santiago and Francisco.  All the aforesaid male and female children are declared as my legitimate children.

I declare having been married a second time to Barbara Baca, for the period of a little over one year, during which time we had one daughter by the name of Feliciana, whom I also declare as my legitimate daughter.

I declare as my property one pair of oxen with a cart and straps.

I declare that I have a tract of land and its houses; boundaries of the same are on the deed. 

At this point and before concluding his will he, Juan Garcia, ceased to talk and a few minutes later he died.

Captain Antonio Baca, being present at the house of the said Juan Garcia, now deceased, made an inventory of the property of the deceased and it remains in the possession of the said Antonio Baca, being 24 fanegas of wheat; about half a fanega of peas; one horse; two hoes; one axe; two chisels; one adze; one mason’s trowel and plumb.

The above is all that we found at his property all of which remains in the possession of Antonio Baca, as also what was mentioned by Juan Garcia, deceased, before his death; which property shall be placed in possession of his son, Lazaro Garcia, who was chosen by the deceased as his executor.

In evidence of which, I the aforesaid alcalde mayor, signed the same, there being no other one present at this place but me and the said Antonio Baca, who did not sign because he did not know how, etc.

Antonio de Uribarri, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1225, Reel 6, Frame 755-756.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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