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Joaquin Pino ~ Will and Estate

I, Joachin del Pino, native of Mexico City and the legitimate son of don Juan Baptista del Pino and doña Petra Teresa Dabila, am ill and make the following testament.

I name as my executor my brother, Mateo Joseph Pino and second my legitimate wife doña Maria Barbara Sanchez.

For the mandatory obligations I leave four pesos to each.

I was married and veiled to doña Maria Barbara Sanchez and during our four year and three months of marriage we had three children who are Juachin Mariano, Ana Maria and third Juachin Mariano and the only one living is Ana Maria.  

I declare that my wife brought nothing to our marriage.

I declare that I own 30 mules, six of them male and the all tame to the saddle and cargo with twelve sets of gear and sixteen mounts for oxen.

I declare that I own five tame breeding horses and one burro.

I declare I own seven oxen and a pair of cows.

I declare I own nine pigs, male and female.

I declare a new saddle, embroidered with stirrups of hide, a bit, an escopeta, a pair of pistols and a short sword.

I declare to have in my wardrobe two capes, one of blue Castilian, one of Quetaro wool (paño), one cap of scarlet cloth and lined, another one new, another cap of scarlet and one black, another white, one pair of scarlet pants and ones with ruffled serge and carmel color; a cape, a leather jacket and worn pants, one short one for the traveling.

I declare that all of the household goods, boxes of clothes, copper irons and more, dishes in the house, I leave to my wife with the balance and its pieces, and that belongs to me, my said wife, so that she may use them.

I declare to have the following ten books: del Padre Murilla, three more volumes of the title is Monarquia Indiana, Autos de Pe Torquemada, another of medium size the autos Extainefe, another of said autos of Dn Juan Parede Montalban.

I declare to have one ___ with one petaquia with key; two more large boxes with locks and cinches of iron and chain.

I declare to have one store of military ítems for Anza.  It belonged to Xavier who took it to my brother-in-law Diego Antonio Sanches on loan to tierra afuera (outside the province).

I declare to have two sets of buttons for a leather jacket, and one of fine jewels which are mine and two made of silver and other of ordinary blue; three cufflinks of silver that I use, three more ___ of silver – large in shoes, and some nice dress ones of silver, one cigarette holder in silver and in my use.

I declare to have two new hoes with my mark on them, a shield and one escopeta case loose.

 I declare to have sixteen sacks for wool.

I declare to have in my power 800 plus or more of minor animals, the majority of them have my brand which is recognized as mine and I have in my care; which is mine has a distinct brand and I order my executors to consolidate and to each one I give power for what’s more to be taken from my goods, to sell what is in excess and to comply and to determine what is the worth in their conscience and in order to comply this is my testament.  I name as my legitimate heirs my wife doña Maria Barbara Sanches and my daughter Ana Maria, who are my heirs and with my benediction of God and myself.

I declare to owe don Joseph Caltelmi 100 ___ of don Domingo Noboa the quantity of 332 silver pesos.

I declare to owe don Francisco Dias Moradilla the quantity of 600 plus silver pesos and said Señor has in his power two shrouds of mine.

I declare I owe the Asienda (hacienda) of Ensinias about 15 pesos more or less.

I declare to owe don Juan Joseph Bausan the quantity of 100 pesos in silver more or less.

I declare to owe to my brother, don Mateo Joseph Pino the quantity of 247 silver pesos; and he is present my said brother, and executor don Mateo Joseph Pino he pardoned what I promised and I have a receipt.

I declare to owe Ro  Pe Mro Fray Agustin de Ysleta the burial of one of my sons, with a Mass and an additional Mass and which is for my Señora Santa Ana with twenty three more prayed masses and one sung.

I declare to owe Ro Po Fray Manuel Roxo one sermon he preached to Señora Santa Ana.

I declare to have accounts with Señor Bentura Mestas which consist and are expressed in the book of accounts.

I declare to owe my brother, don Mateo Pino the quantity of 225 sheep pertaining to the animals that Bentura Mestas has.

I declare that I all I have referred to and pointed out in this testament I order that my executors pay them the said debts.

I declare and say that I have a book of accounts dated with the year of 1757 with sheets numbered 2 – 114, where all is shown of the accounts which are faithful and legal of all who owe me and place my executors who are capable to oversee; the majority of which these fiscal matters in the payment of them to the satisfaction of the partitions which I declared owing in this testament to unburden my soul.

I declare to have another book of accounts with pages without accounts and four exemptions noted, but is not enumerated in what is due me; owing me knives and various items, I charge my executors to recover said dependencies.

I declare that all that is referred to and order, fulfills and executes like in this it contains or because of the present, I revoke, annul and revoke retire other statements or testaments, letters, codicils and powers enable to testate that which I and solely that this is my final wishes and to execute this I ask and implore the Teniente of this jurisdiction who is don Domingo Baca oversee and validate this my final wishes, and assistance after this laws and customs of my conscience and I the referred penitente of the alcalde mayor, Domingo Baca, being of sane mind and faculties, and so that it has force I give and ___ voluntarily, closure and legal, and enforcing my authority; I give faith …at San Agustin de la Ysleta without a public scribe for which there are not any in this realm, signed the 7th of December of 1768.

Signed Joachin del Pino, rubric; Domingo Baca, rubric; Domingo Luna, rubric; Juan Franco Baca, rubric.

I also declare to have five horses.  The estate was valued at 28,452 pesos.

Reference: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Twitchell Miscellaneous, Frame 408-469.
©Henrietta M. Christmas & Patricia Sanchez Rau

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