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Dimas Xiron de Tejeda ~ Will 1736

Be it known that all you may see this writing, that I, Dimas Jiron de Tejeda, a legitimate son of Thomas Jiron de Tejada, and of Josefa Muñoz de Castro, originally of the city of Mexico, and resident of Santa Fe am sick and hereby make my last will and testament.

I declare that I was married to Maria Domingues, thirty-one years ago and that during that time we had and reared two sons, one Juan Antonio, who died at the age of one year and another Antonio, whom I declare as my legitimate children.

I declare as my property all good equipment necessary to ride horseback, being as follows:  saddle, bridle, spurs, saddle pads, a gun and its new case, sword, shield and rope; the said saddle has a knapsack and long stirrups.

I declare that my dressing suit consists of:  a new woolen cloak, a dress coat lined in green serge, also new; two pairs of woolen trousers, one new and one used; another overcoat lined with blue wool cloth; one new armilla of scarlet cloth and another one of woolen cloth, also new; one hat with silver galloons; five shirts; three pairs of trousers; two neckerchiefs, one of fine wide Brittany linen the other one of Rouen china linen.

I declare as my property three medical books; two cases for instruments, one with five razors and whetstone and the other one with six lancets trimmed with tortoise-shell and silver; forceps for drawing molar teeth; three cupping glasses, two large and one small.  Two account books showing what is owed me by the soldiers of this garrison.

I declare that Alonso Rael owes me four pesos; I order them collected.

Joseph Garcia, the tailor, owes me six pesos; I order them collected.

Juan, the servant of Ensign Moreno, owes me two pesos; I order them collected.

Juan Antonio Gamboa a resident of La Cañada owes me six pesos; I order them collected.

Sebastian Martin from Chimallo, owes me one pair of stockings; I order them collection.

Bernardo Roybal owes me six pesos; I order them collected.

Juan Antonio de Apodaca owes me four reales; I order them collected.

I declare that I owe Juan Antonio Lujan a resident of La Cañada, fifteen pesos; I order them collected.

I declare that I owe don Joseph Terrus six pesos; I order that they be paid to him.

I declare that I owe Getrudis Xiron, a resident of la Cañada nine pesos; I order that they be paid to her.

I declare that it is my will that after my death, the person who is hereinafter named as my executor shall gather the three medical books, together with the aforesaid three cases as well as the contents therein and in accord with the wish of the executor, they shall be given to any person who will bind himself to say the Masses to be celebrated each year, taking the proper receipt for the responsorial of the mass intention, to be celebrated for the repose of the blessed souls of purgatory.

I declare that I have lived in a house in this villa which belongs to my wife, together with some farming land, lying adjoining the torreon of the Griegos, which grant is in the possession of Señor Governor.

I appoint as my executor Cayetano Lovato, a soldier of this garrison.  After my funeral expenses the remainder shall be turned over to wife and son.

Made in the presence of Antonio de Uribarri, alcalde mayor and War Captain of this villa. 

Signed Dimas Jiron de Tejada, rubric; Antonio de Uribarri, rubric; Juan Manuel Chirinos, rubric.

*not dated, but he was buried November 20, 1736 in Santa Fe.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1223, Reel 6, Frames 748-751.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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