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Soldier, Manuel Vigil ~ Will 1732

I, Manuel Vigil, a soldier of the villa of Santa Fe, capital of the kingdom of New Mexico, declare that I am ill in bed and make my will, for the peace of my soul, in the following form and manner.

I declare to have been married to Manuela Sanchez, for the time of thirteen years and we have had and reared four children who are:  Josepha Vigil, Ysabel Vigil, Juan Luis Vigil and Maria Antonia Vigil.

I request my brother, Juan Vigil, to have me buried two paces from the entrance of the holy church in this villa and if I die at a suitable hour, to have a mass celebrated for my funeral, my wife is to defray the expenses.

I declare to owe the Hermano Mayor of the Third Order, who made at this present time is Juan Manuel Chirinos, two pesos and four reales for the initiation – I order them paid.

I declare owing Father Guerrero three pesos for a baptism – I order them paid.

I declare owing Captain Ignacio Roybal four pesos – I order them paid.

I declare owing the Captain Juan Fernandes one peso – I order it paid.

I declare owing Salvador Gonzales one peso – I order it paid.

I declare that Juan Antonio Apodaca owes me two pesos for a pair of little shoes, I order them collected.

I declare Thomas Segura owes me three pesos, I order them collected.

I declare as my property four cows, all with their calves.

I declare that I own a piece of land in la Cañada, capable of holding a planting of one half fanega of corn seed; and a large room with its patio, the share of my inheritance from my father, Francisco Montes Vigil, left to me at his death.

Two pairs of mens cordovan shoes.

Two military jackets, one of scarlet cloth, the other of broadcloth.

A pair of new broadcloth trousers.

I declare to have been in the service of his Majesty, for the term of twenty years, more or less.  On account of this illness which has come upon me, and by order of the Governor and Captain General, don Gervacio Cruzat y Gongora, I delivered four horses, saddle, arquebuses and case, leather jacket, sword, a shield, lance, powder pouches; and all the aforesaid I delivered by order of the aforesaid Governor; and I request that my accounts be liquidated so that if I owe anything to my enlistment I order it be paid; and if my enlistment owes me anything, I order it collected.

It is my will to select and assign as my administrator, my brother, Juan Vigil, so that due compliance will be given to all herein stated.  After the payment of all my debts, I order the residue be delivered to my wife and children and for the due payment and fulfillment of this, my memorandum. 

I ask that the Alcalde and War Captain of this villa, Antonio de Ulibarri, interpose his authority for its greater force and validity.  At the request of Jose Tenorio who signed before me, acting as receiving judge.  Executed on this 15th of March 1732.

At the request of Manuel Vigil, Joseph Tenorio, rubric.

Wit/ Juan Manuel Chirinos, rubric and Juan Romero, rubric.

Before me as receiver, Antonio de Urabarri, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1220, Reel 6, Frames 739-742.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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