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Jose Manuel Trujillo ~ Will 1770

I, Jose Manuel Trujillo, a resident of the town of San Jose de Chama, am sick in bed and I execute my testament in the following manner:

I declare that I was married to Maria Rita Martin, and we had four children who are:  Manuela, a female who is dead; Mateo, Antonio and Joaquin, the three are living and declare them my legitimate heirs.

I declare that I owe to Gregorio Sandoval ten pesos, and I order to pay him (he was paid).

Declare that I leave an ox separated, that the mass of St. Raphael may be paid with and from what may be left to pay masses for the blessed souls.

Declare that I owe to Manuel Ortega, nine pints of wine, I order to pay him with wethers (he was paid).

Declare that I owe to Juaquin Naranjo, five pesos, I order it paid, and (he was paid).

Declare that Bernardo Ballejos owes me two broken horse mules, I order to collect them (were collected).

Declare that Salvador de Rota Trujillo, owes me the instrument of these lands, I order to compel him to the delivery of the same.

Declare that Jose Telles owes me twelve flasks of wine as appears by his note, order to collect it.

Also declare that Felipe Barela owes me a three-year old bull, order to collect it.

Declare that Marcelino Sanchez owes me seventy-six ewes as appears by his instrument, order to collect them.

Declare that Juan Domingo Valverde owes me six pesos, I order to collect (were collected).

Declare that Lucrecio Chama owes me six pesos, I order to collect (were collected).

Declare that Alfonso Trujillo owes me two pesos, I order to collect.

Declare that Juan Jiron owes me six pesos, I order to collect.

Declare that Jose de Herrera owes me a buckskin and a pair of stockings, I order to collect.

Declare that Simon Domingues owes me a pair of stockings, I order to collect.

Declare that I leave at this place of Chama, a ranch which I got by inheritance from my father, with a portion which I purchased from Salvador de Orta, his portion of said ranch and I am owing him thirty-one pesos for said land, I order to pay him.

I declare to have at the said ranch a ditch built at my own expense the intervention of any neighbor as it is mine alone.

I declare to have been at said ranch, a house containing three rooms which belonged to Cristobal Duran.

Declare to have a house which belonged to my deceased father and have purchased the portions belonging to my brothers and contains four rooms.

Declare that there was a cottonwood tree as a land mark which divided the lands of Bentura Mestas and the Indians from San Juan, from north to south.

Declare to have a fire gun with cover, one shield, a leather jacket, one gun powder pouch, one pair of pistols, one blunderbuss which I have lent to Pedro Sisneros, I order to get them; also one gun, one shoulder belt, one saddle complete with bridle and a spurs, one small sword and one cutlass.  Also declare to have one complete loom with to spinning wheels, two pairs of rollers, three combs, two drills, two iron winches, two adze, one chisel, four hoes, one spit, one iron pant, one copper kettle, one iron spoon, two plows with points complete, two ready carts, one branding iron, one blacksmith shop, three tongs, one large and one small vise, sledge hammer, two small hammers, one pair of bended tongs, files, anvil, chisels and grinding stone with its winch.

Declare to have at Abiquiu a ranch by royal purchase with a four room house with a ditch which I built with my brother, Carlos.

Declare that I have three hundred sheep, four yoke of oxen, two bulls, sixteen mules, and one more in the possession of Gaspar, who has also twenty-five mares and a stallion on halves, twenty-four she asses with their stud horse, twenty-three mares more which he has in the same manner as the others, with two more mares, one of them with a colt, from which account I took out one hose.

Declare that Gaspar has three hundred head of sheep on shares, at twenty-five head per hundred interest.

Declare that the interest of the wethers and wool for the last year I have received to my satisfaction.

Declare that I have not received the interest of colts for last year, those I leave to the will of Gaspar who will not damage anybody.

Declare that I did not approve the partition of lands made by my brother, Pedro Antonio.

Declare to have seven horses.

Declare that I bequeath to my wife, all the household furniture.

Declare that I have one cloak, one jacket, one pair of pants, one book loaned to Lt of Abiquiu which I order to get.

Declare that I have stated all my property, debts and indebtedness.  I appoint my wife and my executor and Captain don Jose Martin as second. In the presence of don Salvador Garcia de Noriega, alcalde from this jurisdiction with witnesses Diego Naranjo and Tomas Torres on May, 1770.  Signed Jose Manuel Trujillo, rubric and Salvador Garsia de Noriega, rubric.


Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1000, Reel 5, Frames 900-939.
  ©Henrietta M. Christmas

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