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Jemez - Land Barbara Trujillo and Pablo Montoya 1794

I, Barbara Trujillo, a resident of Vallecito de Jemez, with all due respect, present myself… in that my father (in-law) don Paulino Montoya, having sold to Baptista Gonzales a resident of said place, the lands recorded in the deed of sale which my said father had executed for the afore-named Gonzales, which lands were sold to Bautista Gonzales with the understanding that he and my husband, Pablo Montoya, would always treat each other as brothers; and seeing the numerous and unbearable mistreatments my husband is undergoing from the judges in that locality – who are the alcalde mayor, don Antonio Armenta, and his commissioned assistant and the said Bautista Gonzales, with no more cause or motive than wishing to appropriate all of my father’s ranch; and fully recognizing that it is not just for them to mistreat my husband as much as they have up to this present time, urge us to come and place this, my complaint before your Honor, as my husband cannot do it personally, because he is a timid man, especially in arguments, as will be verified by the enclosed letter which I present to your Honor.

In the same way, I request your Honor do deign to summon the residents of Vallecito, who now are at this capital, and take their positions concerning the good or bad procedures of my husband, so that your Honor will see how badly they treat my husband.

I also declare that if, for the fact and reason that my father sold the lands to the said Bautista Gonzales, they have to mistreat my husband as they have to this present time, in order not to have to put up with it in the future I am obliged to get ready the amount which said Bpta Gonzales gave my father for the land, and then immediately, with no delay whatsoever, I will deliver it to him, first, for that when I have already stated regarding the mistreatment of my husband and second, for the right which belong to me and my husband.

Besides that which I have already referred to, I also request your Honor to deign to make them present a deed of donation which don Antonio Armenta, as Alcalde Mayor, made to my already deceased father, Pedro Antonio Truxillo (Antonio Truxillo), without any permission, power or authority whatever, in my judgment, to make said donation, because it was not until after my father’s death that this letter of donation appeared.  In view of the fact that I have never given my permission for the execution of aforesaid, and knowing that it is not just that I should lose the inheritance which belongs to me both from my father as well as from my mother, I execute this petition before you.  Said donation is now in the possession of my deceased father’s administrator, Lt. Phelipe Varela of Abiquiu.

Signed Barbara Truxillo, rubric

Asking for all the papers, deeds and so on from the alcalde don Antonio Armenta, and received six depositions from witnesses from Vallecito – which proves the truth the sale executed by Paulin Montoya, in favor of Juan Bta Gonzales and the deed of sale, as well as the declarations of the witnesses, who that he only sold him the lands formerly belonging to Marcos Archuleta.

I have examined the papers presented to me by Juan Bta Gonzales, and they are all suspicious as is evident by a false receipt which he says was given to him by Paulin Montoya, which evidently tried to imitate the writing and signature, for neither the writing or the signature belong to said Paulin.  On account of said forged paper I have him in this jail.  Likewise, said donations, which plaintiff made to her father, the deceased Pedro Antonio Trujillo of the property which she had, which is in possession of Felipe Varela, Lt of the pueblo of Abiquiu, shall be given into my hands; and its conclusion send to me that I may make a decision according to justice.
Signed Miguel Gonzales, rubric

[Barbara Trujillo's husband Pablo Montoya is the son of Paulin Montoya and Josefa Ortiz, who had a land grant in the Jemez; she the daughter of Pedro Antonio Trujillo and ?]

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1001, Reel 5, Frames 940-943 – incomplete.
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