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Antonio Urban Montaño ~ Will 1772

Let it be known that this writing that I, Antonio Urban Montaño, resident of Los Palacios, jurisdiction of Santa Fe, and I order this my last will and testament.

I declare that I have been married three times first to Juana Maria de Ortega, from which marriage we had and raised eight children:  Cayetano Lorenzo, Joseph Antonio, Maria Rosa, Miguel Francisco, deceased, Maria Feliciana, Bizente, Maria Josepha, Juan Francisco.  Of the second marriage to Maria Francisca Garzia and we had no children.  From the third marriage to Maria de la Luz Rendon, we have had no children. The eight children of my first marriage I acknowledge as my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare as my property one ranch in the place called los Palacios, with a four room house and of this ranch I have given my children their share on the maternal side which is half.  I have in said ranch an Indian hut near the house.

It is my will that of the half of the ranch belonging to me, including half of the house, it be divided into four parts and that my wife, Maria Rendon, be given one part of the four, not including the house; and this part that I give her, I assign from the point facing east and is bounded with lands of Sena Maese.  The other three parts, with the house, divide among all of my children.  It is my wish that my minor daughter, Maria Josefa, remain in the house s her own, and that no suit be brought against her by my other children.  It is my last wish to give my daughter the house because she is the youngest.

I declare as my chattels all my weapons, shot-gun, leather jacket, lance, one blunderbuss, one leather shield, spurs, saddle pads, half-boots, riding saddle and bridle.
I declare one ox.
I declare three harnesses.
I declare one complete loom, with two shuttles, two spinning wheels, one axe, one old small hoe, one adze, one chisel, one scythe, one plane.
I declare that all the supply of provisions both old and new, remain for my wife.
I declare my wearing apparel.
I declare that Juana Urioste owes me two pesos, I order it collected.
I declare that old Juan Candelaria owes me eight pesos, I order it collected.
I declare that don Carlos Mirabal owes me 60 pesos, I order it collected.
I declare that Nicolas Sanchez owes me two pesos, I order it collected.
I declare that Felipe Apodaca owes me two pesos, I order it collected.
I declare that Santiago Sangil owes me one three-year old bull that I loaned him and I order it recovered.
I declare that the Indian, Antonio Manchego, owes me one three-year-old bull, I order it recovered.
I declare that Pasqual, the minister, owes me one fanega of piñones, and I order it collected.
I declare that Juan Francisco Ortega of La Canada owes me 13 pesos I order it collected.
I declare that Jose Alire owes me three pesos, I order it collected.

I declare that I owe Felipe Sandoval eight pesos, which I order paid.
I declare that I owe Bernardo Padilla ten blankets, which I order to be paid and these should be in half bed-blankets; ten varas of carpet, besides 35 varas of homespun cloth.
I declare that I owe Pedro Rendon two bull oxen, I order they be paid.

I name my sons, Cayetano and second Bizente, as executors.  I declare that I have not made any other testaments, will or codicil.

I request don Manuel Garzia Pareja, alcalde mayor of this said villa who is now present, to interpose his authority and judicial sanction.

Executed at the house of Pedro Rendon of the 28th of October 1772.  Signed Manuel Garzia Pareja, rubric; Lucas Moya, rubric; Manuel de Armijo, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1024, Reel 5, Frames 1138-1141.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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