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Francisca Trujillo ~ Will 1770 Taos

 I, Maria Francisca Trujillo, protest and declare make my last will and testament.

I declare that I was married for twenty-seven years to Fernando Romero, and we had four children who are:  Maria Getrudis Romero, Maria Manuela, Jose Manuel and Rosa.

I declare that I am the legitimate daughter of Manuel Trujillo, deceased and Maria Candelaria Gonzales.

I declare as my administrator of my estate, Captain Domingo Benavides and I order that my body be buried in the church of San Geronimo de Taos.

I declare as my property one tract of land which I obtained by inheritance from my legitimate parents.  The boundaries are west, the house, as far as the road which divides said lands called de la Talaya, south, as far as the arroyo de los Chamisas; north the acequia madre.

I declare another portion of land which my husband, Fernando Romero, bought from Fray Sambrano, from the lands which were sold to the rectory of our Father, St. Francis; and from said portion I declare to have sold to Antonio, servant of Juan Lucero, 30 varas on the east side.

I declare to have sold to Geronimo Lopez another 30 varas of land from said tract.

I declare as my last will that the residue of this tract of land I leave to my heirs, my daughters and my son; and proceeding to the said house and land, two rooms and half a hall.

I declare as my property a horse, without defect and a yoke of oxen.

I declare that Diego Naranjo owes me a horse, which he really owes, as declared by him on his deathbed, by God and my conscience and the condition in which I find myself.

I declare that Vicente Martinez, solder, owes me a loom without any equipment except its frame, without any needles or combs.  I order that it be collected for me, as also I order that the horse be collected from Diego Naranjo.

I declare that I owe the Rev. don Santiago Roybal a steer, I order it paid.

I declare that I leave for my burial and funeral a team of oxen.

And for the rest of my estate, so far declared, it is my will to leave for the welfare of my son and daughters.  I also declare that the said rooms and half hall I leave for my said son and daughters; as well as the said lands; and I confer full authority upon my said administrator to execute all this peacefully and quietly to make the division of my property among my said heirs as if I was doing it myself.

I swear that I have belonged to the Third Order of Our Father, St. Francis, for the past twenty and more years; and as said member of the Third Order I again declare and swear by God, Our Lord, and the sign of the Holy Cross, and my approaching end, that this testament clause is not made in malice and that I have never executed another.

For its validity, I requested the alcalde mayor of San Geronimo de Taos, don Antonio Armijo, to interpose his authority and judicial sanction, this 27th day of April 1770, in this valley of San Geronimo de Taos.

Antonio Armijo, rubric

Wit/ Nicolas Leal, rubric; and at the request of Antonio Dimas Giron, Nicolas Leal, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 994, Reel 5, Frames 865-867.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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