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Cristobal Martin - Lands at Chimayo 1731

515 Cristobal Martin – Chimayo

I, Cristobal Martin (Maria Montoya), a resident of Chimayo, appear before Your Excellency and do state that having purchased a tract of land from Felipe Moraga which was granted to him by General don Diego de Bargas in the ’95, and having purchased them of him he delivered to me the grant of said site which I lost during my absence from this kingdom in Nueva Viscaya working for my living.  I had a long bout of sickness for I spent there nine (torn) and in this time I left my children in possession of said tract and they have been defrauded out of the greater part of the site because it was asked for in bad faith by Francisco Martin (Juana Garcia de los Reyes), a resident of the said place, who now is causing damage.  Ygnacio de Ruival was ordered to document and place a boundary between the two tracts and punished and fined us in order that there might not be any further litigation and said Francisco Martin, took possession and removed the boundaries and has trespassed upon my lands and in support of this statement I mention don Ygnacio Ruival for he knows how everything is.  I ask and pray that Your Excellency make me a new grant of said tract for I am a poor man burdened with nine hapless children and for all of which I ask to favor me with the royal patronage which is in your power.  Signed Cristobal Martin.

Ruled in favor of Francisco Martin as he provided documents and Cristobal Martin did not.  Domingo Vigil revisited the boundaries and had Francisco was satisfied.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 515, Reel 3, Frame 759-763
©Henrietta M. Christmas 

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