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Simon Segura ~ 1774 Will

Know all who shall see this, my last will and testament, that I, Simon Segura, a resident of this villa of Santa Fe, Kingdom of New Mexico, legitimate son of Thomas Segura, deceased, and of Josepha de Archuleta, natives of this Kingdom, finding myself in bed with an infirmity.

I declare that I have been married according to the rises of Our Holy Mother Church, to Margarita Piñeda, for a period of eight years, from which marriage we have had and reared three children, two girls and one boy; Juana, seven years of age, Julian Christobal, five years of age; and Rosa Maria, one year old, whom I declare as the legitimate children of myself and of my aforesaid wife.

I declare that, at the time and when I contracted said marriage; neither my wife nor I had any goods.      

I declare that I have, as my goods, a house which is my own dwelling, which is composed of three rooms, with their court-yard and orchard, with three doors and windows.

I declare that I have and leave as my goods some farm and agricultural lands, which I bought from Francisco de Archuleta, as is evidenced from the deed which he authorized for me, and remains in my possession.

I declare, as my goods, another place of land, which I acquired by inheritance from my deceased father, which my wife knows.

I declare that I have, as my goods, all the arms, which are: a gun with its case; a riding saddle, fully equipped, a leather jacket, shield, spurs, sword, bridle, saddle pads and also, two horses.

I declare that the forge, with which I have worked, belongs to my mother, because my father left it to her in order that it might support her; and, thus, I declare it as hers, as it will, likewise, be seen by the same testament of my deceased father, what the said forge is composed of.

I declare as my goods one burro.

Likewise a screw.

I declare I have two small hoes and one ax.

I declare I am leaving as my goods some plush breeches, trimmed with silver galoon.

A cloth cloak, which I am using, already worn.

Some plush sleeves trimmed in silver.

It is my will to leave one peso each to the mandatory legacies, wherewith I separate them from my goods.

I declare that there are two cows with their calves owed to me, Salvador Casillas owes me one for another fat one, which I gave him, and he killed her, I order she is to be collected

I declare that Juan Calletano Unanue owes me another cow and calf; I order that it be collected.

Joseph Rael, soldier, owes me eight pesos in products of the soil and one in silver, I order it be collected.

Martin Torres owes me twenty-two pesos in the currency of the country; I order that they be collected.

Juan Moya, the Moor, owes me eight pesos from barter; I order that they be collected.

Joseph Torres owes me thirty-two “vellones” of wool, which I gave him to make some serapes; but we had no contract; and I am content with two good blankets, which I order to be collected.

Joseph Rodrigues owes me one sack of corn; I order that it be collected.

Thomas Cacillas, soldier, owes me two pesos, I order that they be collected.

Pheliciano Archuleta owes me a sack of corn; I order that it be collected.

Francisco Nieto, a soldier, owes me three pesos for work; I order that they be collected.

Nicolas Real owes four pesos; I order that they be collected.

Christobal Bijil owes me seven pesos; I order that they be collected.

Joseph Garduño, a soldier, owes me two pesos; I order that they be collected.

Juan Antonio Sanboa, a resident of La Cañada, owes me half a fanega of wheat for work, which I did for him, I order that it to be collected.

Manuel Grande de Armijo owes me a sack of corn; I order that it be collected.

Lorenzo Lobato owes me to pesos; I order that they be collected.

I declare that I owe the following and I order that it be paid from my goods, I declare that I owe to don Mateo Roybal one peso.

To Matias Quintana- eight pesos.

I owe Andres Montolla twelve reales.

I declare that I do not remember nor do I bear in mind that I owe any other person anything, but if any demand should appear against my goods, which may be justified, I order that it be paid.

I declare that Bartolo the Sacristan, owes me a candle and I declare that he just paid it to me. And, in order to complete this, my testament, I name and assign as my legitimate heirs of my goods, my said wife and my children. And I name as my executors’ in the first place, my wife, and in the second, Joseph Mares, whom I request and charge for the love of God to comply with this, my testament, in the shortest time possible.

In this villa on the 24th of November 1774, signed:  Simon Segura, (rubric); Francisco Guerrero, (rubric); Juan Cayetano Unanue, (rubric); Lucas Moya, (rubric).

A copy was made. (rubric).

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 866, Reel 5, Frame 126-129.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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