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Juana Roybal ~ Will 1770

Know all who see this memorial and last will that I, Juana Roybal, settler of this villa of Santa Fe, and legitimate daughter of don Ignacio de Roybal and doña Francisca Gomez, both deceased and widow of don Juan Jose Moreno, am sick in bed and make my last will and testament in the following manner.

I declare that I was married to Juan Jose Moreno and we lived together for thirty-five years, in that time we had no children.

I declare as my property, the house where I live, composed of eleven rooms, with an enclosed yard; also, understood with its doors and locks.

I declare I own a statue of St. Joseph.

I declare that I own two pictures, one of Our Lady of Guadalupe and one of Our Lady of Light, with their gilt frames.

I declare I own one statue of Our Lady of Light, with its canopy.

I declare as my property thirty-five small pictures and one bronze statue of Christ, with a wooden cross; and two small pictures with their frames.

I declare as my property seven Michoacán boxes with their locks; and four white ones, also with their locks and keys; and one liquor case, with eight bottles and a key.

I declare two small Michoacán boxes with keys.

I declare as my property, all of my wearing apparel, cloak and petticoat.

I declare four pickaxes, three crow bars, one axe, one adze, one chisel, one cross-cut saw, one sugar, four old handles, one copper kettle, one chocolate pot, one spit, one iron griddle and spoon.

I declare my property two barrels and one jug.

I declare fifteen mules and seven he-mules with harness for nine.

I declare ten horses that my father, Jose Pacheco knows.

I declare forty head of breeding cows that are in the possession of Miguel Antonio Chavez, settler of Atrisco, who will deliver them in the time, specified in the writing that I hold.

I have four hundred head of ewes, which are in the possession of don Mateo Pino, less the ones sold and paid for by Domingo Baca.

I have two yoke of oxen and cart with its accoutrements.

I have three small burros.

I have the cultivated lands surrounding the house and for its boundaries refer to the deed.

I declare eight-five varas of land which I purchased from Felipe Tafoya, as evident in the deed.

I declare that Salvador Garcia owes me whatever is contained in a paper that my brother, the Vicar hold, I order it collected.

I declare that Diego Naranjo owes me eight pesos, I order it collected.

I declare that Pablo Pando owes me whatever is contained in the account of my deceased husband, I order it collected.

I declare that I owe don Bernardo de Bustamante an account, reducing form the account that he has already received, I order it paid.

I declare that I owe Father Garcia one hundred pesos in goods and he has already received one small Indian, which should be deducted, I order that the balance be paid.

I declare that Balentin Martin owes me the sum of, and what my brother the priest, knows of; I order it collected.

I declare that Juan Mirabal owes me one heifer, I order it collected.

I declare that Julian Talache owes me two blankets, I order them collected.

I declare that a Taos Indian, named Miguel, owes me two chamois skins.

I declare that Domingo Vaca owes me whatever don Mateo Pino states, I order it collected.

I declare that I owe the Sodality of the Holy Sacrament of the villa, the handle for the canopy, I order it paid.

I declare, six metal plates, twenty water glasses, more or less, two small vials and some Puebla chinaware.

I declare that I bequeath to the Blessed Souls of Purgatory 100 head of sheep to be taken care of and the yearly proceeds from the sheep shall be used for masses.

I desire that the statue of Our Lady of Light and canopy and the statue of St. Joseph be placed in the Chapel of Our Lady of Light.

It is my will that the house, where I live, and all the lands be divided among the children of my niece, Manuela, as I raised her.

I tis my will that the household furniture of said house, pictures, boxes, glasses and everything else recognized as mine, are to be sold in order to pay my debts, which are evident and after paying for my burial, funeral and masses, if anything be left, to be divided among my comadres, Manuela and Antonia Dominga and the Priest.  The above is only what pertains to the household furniture and my wearing apparel.  And I order that the livestock be divided among all of my brothers and the said nieces in equal parts.  And to the compliance of this my last will and testament, I appoint as administrators, my brother, the Vicar and my compadre Jose Pacheco, to whom I can entrust and exact fulfillment of said charge.

Antonio Garcia de la Mora who was present signed for her and in the presence of the alcalde mayor Felipe Tafoya, on 13th June 1770.  Felipe Tafoya, rubric; Antonio de Armenta, rubric; Jose Miguel Tafoya, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 790, Reel 4, Frames 1234-1240.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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