Friday, May 9, 2014

Manuel Ramos ~ Will 1750 Pueblo Quemado

At this settlement of San Francisco Javier del Pueblo, dated March 4, 1750, I, Manuel Ramos a settler of this kingdom of New Mexico, am sick in bed and being of sound mind and body, make this my final testament.

I declare that I was married according to the Holy Catholic Church, with Maria de la Encarnacion Montoya, and we had and raised four males and two female children who are:  Antonio, Juan, Marcelino, Sebastian, Petrona and Maria; all of whom as I have already stated are my legitimate children.

I declare as my property a piece of cultivated land I purchased from Pablo Cordova which he legitimately obtained from his wife and for which lands I have not received a deed.

I declare another piece of land that I purchased from Sebastian Martin, as it is evident in the instruments that I now hold.

I declare as m property thee gentle he-mules and one horse.

I order and request my executors, Salbador Barela and my wife, that for the love of God and for the peace of my soul to proceed with due diligence and close this my last will and testament with due care as I am weak and without vigor of mind and hardly able to speak. 

I ask and request Juan Jose Sandoval, a royal justice, who is at present in my presence to attend to my petition and comply with it.

He declares as his property one shot gun, one carbine with its shells, saddle bags, bridle, spurs and saddle blankets.

He declares as his property one axe, one used cloak, one hat, a military cloth jacket, one pair of used buckskin trousers.

He declares that he owed R. P. Mirabal two pesos, to be paid.

He declared owing Ramon Montoya two pesos, to be paid.

He declares that Juan Chillos of Santa Clara owed him two pesos and ordered that it be collected.

He declares the Indian, Cristobal, who was a servant of Francisco Martin, owed him two pesos; he orders that it be collected.

He declares as his one razor.

I, said Lieutenant of the Alcalde Mayor of this jurisdiction of the Pueblo Quemado, interpose my authority that this was his will and to guard and comply in the manner explained.  Witnesses being: Sebastian Martin and Antonio Sandobal, with my witnesses who were Joseph Gomes and Antonio Martin.  He did not sign, now knowing how, the said executor signed for him.  Salbador Barela, rubric;

In testimony of the truth and at the request of Manuel Ramos, Juan Jose Sandoval, rubric; Jose Gomez, rubric, Antonio Martin, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 768, Reel 4, Frames 1058-1061.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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