Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Francisco Xavier Rodriguez ~ Will 1764

I Francisco Xavier Rodriguez, a soldier of this royal garrison of the villa of Santa Fe, am sick in bed with an illness and I order the following testament and will.

I ask that my body be shrouded in the habit of St. Francis and that I be buried in the parochial church of this villa.

I declare that I was married to Manuela Nieto by which we had six children.

I declare as my property the house of my residence, which has three rooms and it is my will that the house and furniture by the property of my wife and children.

I declare two parcels of land, and should be divided equally amongst my wife and children.

I have four small bulls, three heifers and one small burro.

I have five horses.

I have a rifle, leather jacket, lance, blunderbuss, powder bag, cartridge belt, saddle and stirrups, and equipment:  spurs, spade and a shoulder belt.

I owe Miguel Romero, a resident of Cieneguilla, three heifers and one young bull.

I owe the vicar Santiago Roibal, 16 pesos.

I owe Salvador Martin five pesos.

I declare that Ygnacio “el Guadalajara” one horse.

Name as my executor’s my wife and son, Joseph Rael. 

Signed 16th Dec 1764, in the presence of Lt. Thomas Madrid and two witnesses who are Joseph Mares and Joseph Maldonado.

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 779, Reel 4, Frames 1158-1160.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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