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Soldier, Jose Martin Padilla ~ Will 1817

Memorandum of the death of the deceased, Jose Martin Padilla, soldier, a volunteer in the Militia Cavalry of the 1st Company, has left in accordance his testamentary and oral disposition which he made in the presence of the 2nd Sgt, for not having had more time.  Dated October 9, 1816 and not having left executors, I have made the distribution in accordance with the disposition of the old will executed on November 18, 1812.  In the presence of Sgt. Don Jose Francisco Baca and 1st Corporal Santiago Rodrigues, that is to say:

16 breeding cows; four yoke of oxen; three bulls; nine calves of one and two years; 62 sheep, including young and old, up to four years; 14 goats; two rams; two goats; two mules; three horses; one mare at 800; three burros – two large and one small.  The house which consists of six rooms, together with an orchard and trees, taking note that in the said orchard, there are three varas of land and a tree to Ysidro Padilla and additional three varas of land and a tree to Juan de Dios Martin; 630 varas of land in different parts in accordance with documents belonging to the aforesaid.  The string of saddle animals belonging to a fort in operation; a shot-gun and pistols.  Forward… the sum brought forward; eight sets of harness; those of buckskin at 20 pesos and one of leather at 3 ½ pesos.  There have been distributed six, two long narrow carts, fully equipped at 8 pesos = 1600 pesos.

One loom at 740; two spinning wheels at one and two at 18 p, 740; seven combs, there are six at 3 p., 1800; two pairs of cards, 300; one pair smooth; one old saucepan, 240; one iron griddle, 200; one iron spoon 240; two small saucepans, 140; two chests, 900; five benches, 740; one clothes press, 540; four were distributed, six leather bags at 20 reales, 100; nine of the aforesaid bags of elk hide, 240; one barrel, 900; three hose, 840; one ax, 400; one screw driver, 100; one branding iron, 400; one pair of trousers; one uniform; one cap, 1800; debts due, 21.4; Year 1852.

Distributions were made to Magdalena Padilla from her father, Jose Martin Padilla, list of distribution, then incomplete.

Archive 705 continues with a new list and the schedule is in favor of Micaela Maes (wife) and Magdalena Padilla.  Juan de Dios Martin and the latter has made grace of not charging anything to his mother and charging only for the share of Magdalena Padilla, as well as for himself. 

Signed 2nd Ensign of Calvary Volunteers and signed with him the Corporal Santiago Rodriguez on June 16, 1818.  Fernando Delgado, rubric

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 705, 705, Frames 689-696.
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