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Pedro Felipe Rodriguez ~ Will 1784

Know all who see this that I, Pedro Felipe Rodriguez, soldier of this royal garrison, am ill and in sound mind.  I hereby make my last will and testament.

I ask to be shrouded with the habit of our patron saint, St. Francis, and buried in the Castrense Chapel as a poor soldier.

I declare that I married Gertrudis Padilla and lived together for forty years and we had and raised seven children, four males and three females: Alejandro, Ricardo, deceased, Jose Mariano, deceased, Juan, deceased, Maria Jacinta, Maria Valencia, Maria Dolores, deceased.

I declare owning a house which is where I live with a piece of land, which is evident by the deed, it is my will that half be given to my wife and the other half to my children; and the furniture therein belongs to my wife and the piece of land adjoining to it belong to my wife.

I declare having a small portion of land, which I have in Buena Vista, composed of 300 varas which it is my will to be divided in equal parts between my wife and children.

I declare as my chattels three oxen and one burro, which will be left the benefit and service of my wife.

I declare of having some lands in the settlement of Las Trampas, in two places as settler which I order to be divided in equal parts between my wife and children.

I declare having a complete armament, less the sword which is broken; and four horses, with which I serve the King and of which my superior may decide.

I declare of having one old and one new serge uniform, cloak and hat.

I declare owning don Jose Duran, settler of this villa, 15 pesos in reales, I order it paid.

I declare owing Vicente Jimenez, settler of Tesuque, eight pesos of common currency, I order it to be paid.

I declare owing Miguel Ortiz, also a settler of this villa, six varas of wide Puebla unbleached muslin, I order it paid.

I name as my executors first my wife and second my son, Alejandro.  Made on this 29th day of (incomplete) [December 1784].

*He was buried on January 5, 1785 at Santa Fe.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 734, Reel 4, Frames 884-886.
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