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Land Grant ~ Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Truchas

Grant of Lands to Juan de Dios Romero and associates
in the locality of Nuestra Señora del Rosario,
San Fernando y Santiago del Rio de la Truchas.

Juan de Dios Romero, Nicolas Romero, Bernardo Romero, Julian Romero, Salvador de Espinosa, Miguel de Espinosa, Tadeo Espinosa, Ventura de Espinosa, Domingo Romero, Javiel Romero, Francisco vernal and Cristobal Martin, residents of Chimayo appear before you in the best possible form according to the law.  That as your Excellency has promised to make us a grant of the tract of El Rio de las Truchas as soon as the boundary of the new settlement of Santo Tomas del Rio de las Trampas is established, and as on that promise we have paid the cost of the acequia and have planted it for the period of two years, we ask that Your Excellency deign to grant us the said site I the name of his Majesty.  The formal boundaries are:  on the north the ridge that serves as a boundary on the south side for the said settlers; on the west the public road that leads to Picuris; on the south side boundaries of Pueblo Quemado and of Jose Manuel Gonzales; on the east the Sierra del Oso, which we promise to settle within the time prescribed by law. 

At this villa of Santa Fe on March 5, 1754, don Juan Jph Lovato, the Alcalde Mayor of the villa of la Cañada, will report concerning the contents of the petition.

He recommends to the Governor that they should go forth and grant them the land; although the public lands are extensive they will serve as a public good of the group.  One of their entrances is obstructed by the Pueblo of Picuris, but not prejudice to any party.

In the villa of Sana Fe, on the 18th day of March 1754, I the Governor, on this day grant in full force and effect…  Also with the condition that they must be assigned sufficient land to build houses, which shall be united and adjoining, forming a square plaza, enclosed and with only on gateway just large enough for wagons to go through, in a manner that the inhabitants and families may be able to defend themselves from invasions and assaults.  In order that said settlement may be finished in the shortest time possible, they shall all work there together, each giving help to the other and with digging the acequia for the fields.

I order the said Alcalde Mayor, Juan Jose Lovato to place in possession, with royal protection the said Juan de Dios Romero, Nicolas Romero, Bernardo Romero, Julian Romero, Salvador de Espinosa, Miguel de Espinosa, Thadeo Espinosa, Ventura de Espinosa, Domingo Romero, Xavier Romero, Francisco Bernal and Xptobal Martin.

Each one cannot sell, donate, transfer, exchange, or in any other way encumber the said lands within the four years prescribed by royal decree.  Signed Thomas Velez Cachupin, rubric; Diego Antonio Marques, rubric; Thomas de Alvear y Tollado, rubric.

At Rio de las Trampas, on the 224th of April 1754, I, Juan Jose Lovato, Alcalde Mayor proceeded to measure the land which contained 4,200 varas in length, within which I settled two more families who heads are Jose Manuel Gonzales and Juan Luis Romero and also had been granted at the upper part of the river of the Pueblo Quemado, as shown by decree.  Taking the hands of the settlers, I took them over the tract, they pulled up grass, threw rocks and should “Long Live the King” jointly and individually remaining in quiet and peaceable possession. 

Witnesses were:  Francisco Montes Vigil and Xptobal Vigil.  Then the individual division of the land for farming in the following manner.  First for the garden purposes at the front side of the said plaza I measured 150 varas of land from the road to the south and giving the following:

Salvador de Espinosa, 20 varas, I gave to each of the others 10 varas for a garden each.  Then assigned to Salvador de Espinosa 150 varas towards the river; each on receiving 150 varas of land.  Signed Juan Jose Lovato, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 771, Reel 4, Frames 1079-1105.
©Henrietta M. Christmas


  1. You have just been working super hard!!! I love that you post so much useful research! You're a hard worker... My garden better be coming along LoL!! :). See you Friday!

  2. I recently discovered your blog and I love it! Thank you for all of your work creating it.

    Juan de Dios Romero was my 5th great grandfather. I grew up in this area, with deep roots in it. I still have cousins in both Las Truchas and Cordova (Pueblo Quemado). The Romero name is still alive and well and very strong in both villages.