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Juan Rodriguez ~ Estate 1738 con't

In the said town of Santa Fe, January 23, I ordered doña Maria Francisca Fernandez the guardian of the said property to manifest all the property which may have been left and she answered was it the property her husband had, and did not have any other but those already manifested.  To the best of my knowledge the property amounted to 650 pesos and so that it might appear and I certified.  Henrique de Olavide y Michelana, rubric.

On March 3, additional belongings were assessed and are as follows: 
One house situated in town, of adobe, well roofed and containing six rooms, one porch and valued at 100 pesos.  Two portions of land contiguous to said house with five measures of corn, 800 pesos.  One cart in good use at 25 pesos.  Two corrals is said land at 20 pesos.

The above real estate is valued at 1,245 pesos and is added to the inventories.  Witnesses:  Nicolas Ortiz, rubric; Juan Lucero and Juan Manuel Chirinos.

On march 4 at El Alamo an appraisement of the sheep and other property as follows:

14 bulls, 210 pesos; 12 oxen, 300 pesos; 4 broken bulls, 88 pesos; 17 yearlings, 204 pesos; 10 sucking calves, 50 pesos; 42 gentle cows, 840 pesos.  One good broken horse, 30 pesos; another one not so good, 20 pesos; 13 horses not very good, 195 pesos; four pack mules, 160 pesos; two saddle mules, 80 pesos; ten pack horse mules, 300 pesos; another horse, 20 pesos.  144 2-3 year old wethers, 288 pesos; 353 breeding ewes, 706 pesos; 63 gelded he goats, 126 pesos. 

The adobe house of four rooms, 300 pesos; one gun, 20 pesos; one small copper kettle, 8 pesos; old cart, 12 pesos; four ploughshares second hand, 48 pesos; five old dibbles, 5 pesos; one second hand axe, 4 pesos; eleven pack saddles complete with ropes and halters plus blankets, 44 pesos; six new woolen carpet blankets, 48 pesos; one old copper kettle, 6 pesos; three corrals of sabino posts at the ranch containing ten carts of posts, 50 pesos.  For a grant total of 4,204 pesos.

I requested that Jose Antonio Rodriguez the executor of said estate since he’s acting foreman if anything is missing from the inventory; he said that was all the property his deceased brother had, signed by ball.

The nephew, Juan Antonio Rodriguez and Captain Juan Fernandez were sent to Chihuahua with money and that was to be inventoried and divided amongst the heirs.  50 pounds of fine chocolate, 100 pesos; 50 pounds of sugar, 37.50 pesos; 2 ½ varas of blue Castile cloth, 25 pesos; 2 ½ varas of scarlet woolen cloth, 15 pesos; one piece of Chinese silk, 10 pesos; two matches of buttons and silver thread, 14 pesos; two skeins of silver thread, 2.50 pesos; one piece of 58 varas of red leaf brass ribbon, 21.75 pesos; three pieces of find wide linen, 26 ¾ varas, 66.75 pesos; 13 varas of serge, 52 pesos; two pounds of loose silk and two ounces of twisted, 64 pesos; six varas of cloth from Queretaro, 30 pesos.  Total of 451 pesos from the goods of Captain Juan Fernandez.

From Juan Antonio Rodriguez, first the one box of soap, 100 pesos; one barrel of wine, 90 pesos; one small barrel containing nine flasks, 45 pesos; 12 small hoes, 72 pesos; 111 of old iron, 100 pesos; one bundle of good tobacco, 160 pesos; 20 varas of Rouen linen, 40 pesos; two pieces of narrow linen, 32 pesos; six blankets, 48 pesos; one ream of paper, 6 pesos; one hat, 5 pesos; maple sugar, 5 pesos; one jug of whiskey 20 pesos; ten varas of satin, 3.75 pesos; four varas of lining, 6 pesos; two dozen pairs of shoes, 48 pesos.  For a value of 803.75 pesos.  Singed by witnesses:  Pedro Jose de Leon, rubric and Baltazar Montoya, rubric.

Then debts were listed and amounted to 135.25 pesos and then amounts to the estate as 50 pesos. And again signed by all.

Total amount of the estate valued at 7,375.75 pesos. He leaves his wife the original 500 dower monies and then added 1,141.75 pesos. 

Closed the proceedings on April 16, 1738 by the signed Henrique de Olavide y Michelana, rubric; witnesses, Pedro Jose Leon and Baltazar Montoya.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 756, Reel 8, Frames 1384-1441.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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