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Juan Rodelo ~ 1716

Know all who may see this last will and testament that I, Juan Rodelo, a resident of the villa of Santa Fe, am ill in bed, but of sound mind and judgment.

I declare that I owe Tomasa La Perea, wife of Marcos Armijo, one shroud of Our Holy Father, St. Francis, on which I have paid her on account of six pesos; and I ask her in the name of God, should I be called away from this life before finishing payments for the same, that she forgive me for whatever balance I owe her, being unable to pay it.

I declare being indebted to Captain Luis, two pesos, and two pesos to Joseph de Atencio, and ask that my wife request that they cancel the said debt, and if they refuse to do so, that she pay it, if possible.

I declare being indebted to the said Cristobal Salas Trujillo, four pesos.

I declare that Francisco Belasques owes me four pesos, Manuel de Silva, eight pesos; and I order collection.  Also the servant of the first Governor, don Felix Joseph, “el Cusco” two pesos for one anquera that I sold to him for two which are to pay for the relief heretofore specified.

I declare that I am married to Micaela de Linares, and during the time of married life, we did not have any children.

I declare that I request of my wife that whenever God has called me away from life, that my corpse be delivered to the corporal guard, should the soldier so desire, or some benefactors should want to bury me through charity.

I declare as my chattels, this small house and a parcel of land that adjoins the house.  The said land I bought from Marciala Zapata, who has not yet executed any indenture of writing for the same.  Before making this will, she agreed in the presence of Captain Juan Garcia de las Rivas, to execute the said indenture of writing before the said Alcalde, in order not to leave my wife any lawsuit; and she, Marciala Zapata, promised to execute the same at any time.  The house and land I leave to my wife.

That I leave a coat to be given to any one that will furnish my shroud; that the same be given to Tomasa La Perea by my wife, if she will forgive me the debt I owe her.

I leave my said wife as my executrix.

And this is my last will and testament, may it be enforced and I ask and request of Captain Juan Garcia de la Rivas, High Sheriff and the Holy Office and Ordinary Alcalde of this said villa, that he acknowledge the same in his official capacity.

He, being not being able to write, did not sign the same, and upon his request one of the witnesses signed for him in my presence, and were present as follows:  Isidro de Medina, Diego Salazar, Jose de Armijo, all residents of this villa.  All done before me, at Santa Fe, March 8, 1716; signed Juan Garcia de Rivas.  Witnesses:  Juan Manuel Chirinos, at the request of Juan Rodelo; Tomas Jiron de Tejeda.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 731, Reel 4, Frames 877-879.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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