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Diego Padilla ~ Estate 1737 con't

Estate inventories-
At San Andres, jurisdiction of Albuquerque, on the 29th of October 1737, I, Captain Geronimo Jaramillo, Lt of the Chief Alcalde, having come to the knowledge that Diego Padilla the owner of this tract of land has died.  I, Juan Paez Hurtado, Lt. Governor, informed Francisco Padilla, legitimate son of Diego Padilla as one of the administrators the other his widowed Maria Vasques, who is insane, will give access for the inventory to be made.

Appraisement values:
Sheet   2,921 pesos
Cattle  2,200
Horses 1,893
Goods  2,404.50

Ages of heirs:
Francisco Padilla, 24 years,
Manuela married to Francisco Javier Chaves,
Diego Padilla of 17 years,
Nicolas Padilla, 14 years,
Bernardo Padilla 12 years,
Tomasa Padilla, 8 years,
Pedro Padilla, 6 years,
Maria Barbara, 3 years,

Sum of property $4836.00

Signed Juan Paez Hurtado.

Then Francisco Padilla is named as guardian of the minor children as their mother is insane.  He will also watch over the property that she inherits for her.

I, Antonio Padilla, Indian of the Comanche tribe received from Francisco Padilla, the property left to me which were ten goats.  I requested that Ysidro Sanchez sign for me.  November 18, 1737.

I, Bernabe Baca, received from Francisco Padilla, received 20 pesos for the appraisement.

I, Catalina, female servant of Diego Padilla, received, 30 ewes, two cows, one saddle horse and one breeding mare, which was bequeathed to me.  I requested that Captain Antonio Montoya sign for it, November 19, 1737.

I, Antonio Montoya, received 28 pesos as steward for the souls of purgatory and 20 for the appraisal.  November 18, 1737.

I, Juan Gonzales, syndic, of the Holy Place of Jerusalem and redemption of captives say that I received 16 ½ pesos as it appeared in the will.  November 15, 1737.

I, Diego Padilla, received from my brother Francisco, the wearing apparel and what was mentioned in the will.  November 18, 1737.

I, Diego Padilla, say that I received on account of my brother Luis Suazo, by request and before he left for old Mexico, 15 goats, 8 ewes and will be given to him when he returns.  November 19, 1737.

I, Fray Zambrano received payment for masses.

I, General Juan Paez Hurtado, received from Francisco Padilla, the sum of 48 pesos, for the appraisal and division of the estate.  November 23, 1737.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 685, Reel 8, Frames 1256-1310
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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