Friday, March 21, 2014

Francisco Ortega ~ Will 1782

Let all that see this letter know, that I, Francisco de Ortega, a soldier of the garrison of Santa Fe am sick in bed but of full mind and understanding and order this my last will.

I declare that I was married to Clara de Herrera for the term of nine years from which marriage we had eleven children: Juan Domingo, Jose Joachin, Juan Bautista, Manuel de Jesus and Cristobal (these died without being married); Ana Maria, Miguel Antonio, Andres Antonio, Juan Domingo, Geronimo and Maria Sebastiana, whom I declare as my heirs.

I declare as my chattels, the leather jacket, rifle, pistols, lance and spade, five horses and one mule.

I declare the house of my residence with lands and orchard that I possess.

I declare a tract of land, 70 varas square, which I bought and paid for from Jesus Lucero.

I declare as my chattels, a tract of land I bought from Joseph Romero from Cuyamungue, containing 27 varas.

I declare a room which I bought from my mother-in-law at La Cañada.

I declare a yoke of oxen and eight goats.

I declare the clothes of my use, uniform and cape.

I declare the furniture of my house.

I declare that I owe Gallegos, two pesos in reales, which I order be paid him.

I declare that Antonio Armijo owes me for a horse, which I order be collected.

I declare as my administrators, my wife, Clara de Herrera so that at the proper time, she may partition them in equal parts to my children who are entitled to them.  Signed September 11, 1782 at Santa Fe.  The testator did not know how to sign and was signed by Manuel de la Azuela, rubric; witnesses – Salvador Tenorio, rubric; Manuel Baca, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 660, Reel 4, Frames 398-401.
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