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Pedro Martin estate and Manuela Sisneros Dowry

In the locality of Abiquiu, on August 12, 1806, I, the alcalde mayor went to the dwelling house of the deceased Pedro Martin, having been summoned by his wife, Maria Manuela Sisneros, for the apportionment of her estate, of the appurtenances of her children, as she had been married a second time to a soldier of the presidio in Santa Fe.  Her second husband being Miguel Tenorio and having arrived at the dwelling house, I ordered her to present all the instruments of the hijuela, receipts of her deceased husband.  Having examined all the papers delivered by the administrator, Emerejildo Sisneros, the receipt of the said, her late husband, of the estate left by her deceased father, don Antonio Sisneros, which is as follows:

Four cows with calves, eight other cows, two bulls, a yoke of oxen, four untamed mares; one horse, one mule, 75 ewes, one chamois skin, one small piece of cloth, two white buckskins, another thick one, one axe, one hoe, a plow with its iron point; four serapes, two earthen jars, a small barrel, a bench, a bedstead, two silver pesos; 18 pesos from a burros, 25 pounds of wool; three pesos from a packsaddle, part of a house; a pair of leather straps, a pig; forty varas from a corral, two posts from a tapeste (shack).  From the house, I received 20 vigas and four from the porch, two doors, and two dollars from a bottle.  I also delivered from said tutelage, 80 varas of land in La Vega, where I measured 1,525 varas, which I divided giving the said Miguel Tenorio, from his wife’s part, 762 ½ varas and the other 760 ½, I divided amongst the four heirs, each one receiving 180 ½ varas, as giving Juan Manuel, who was the first, a surplus of land, measuring 50 varas, as his share was in the narrowest part of the land; next came the watering place, which I left free for the benefit of the four heirs and their mother.  Division of many parts of the land continues on.

Continuing on with division are 14 cows which I delivered to Miguel Tenorio, the share from his wife, and seven to the heirs, giving three heads to each heir of the seven cows and five oxen.  All animals being divided between the heirs and the wife; the heirs are Juan Manuela, Viviana, Santiago and Juan Cristobal.

The house I counted 88 vigas, I gave her 44 and receiving eleven in the house and the porch and the hallway, I counted 37 vigas, and I gave the widow 18 ½ vigas.

When she (Manuela) married she brought as a dowry a cow and a calf, a horse, 50 ewes, and for a replacement as tutelage, I gave them two burros and 34 pesos, 3 reales and a cuartilla.   Their father brought to the marriage, a hoe, plus four more; a leather saddle with embroidered draperies valued at 20 pesos, this I gave the widow, leaving the children the equivalent in pesos.  From the clothing of their deceased father, I gave the two minors 10 pesos each, and to Juan Manuel a cloak lined and already used; Viviana a Michoacán box valued at 10 pesos and two handles with two copper kettles; I gave the widow a handle and a kettle, and a handle and kettle to the heirs; a large copper kettle, I gave the widow and to the heirs, an adze, chisel, to be divided equally.  The widow was also given a bench.  I also apportioned four carts and four plows with old iron points.  The religious pictures painted on wood, of these (8) I divided equally to the widow four and the children four.  The silver coins amounting to 56 pesos, divided in half also.  Of the 41 sheep, each one will receive five and widow 20 ½.  I also gave the widow a burro.  I also divided 343 pesos in currency and they owe the work of five men for digging the grave of don Pedro Martin; Manuela receiving 171 pesos and four reales and the children the other half.

Signed Manuel Garcia de la Mora (rubric).  Witnesses:  Jose Anastacio Hernandez and Juan de Jesus Lucero.

On August 14, 1806.  The ranch of La Isla was allotted half to the widow and the other half to the heirs; the land of El Llano is left for the benefit of the two Indian women, half for each.  Signed Manuel Garcia (rubric)

I, Miguel Tenorio, soldier of the royal presidio, received the tutelage pertaining to my wife, Maria Manuela Sisneros, of the chattels, land and house that she brought from the possessions of her deceased father when she was married the first time; and I also received half of the increases as much in houses, lands and in chattels.  Signed Miguel Tenorio, grantor

All the children sign and attest to what they received separately – Juan Manuel Martin, Viviana Martin, Antonio Martin for the shares of the minors, Santiago and Juan Cristobal.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 612, Reel 3, Frames 1560-1572
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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