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Pedro Martin ~ Estate 1806

In this place of Abiquiu, April 8 1809, Juan Manuel Martin and his mother, doña Maria Manuela Sisneros together with her second husband, present themselves in person before me; don Manuel Garcia de la Mora, Alcalde Mayor and Captain of War.  Because Juan Manuel Martin with brothers gave them permission to sell a piece of land which they had measured outside the enclosure, the mother’s half, and the children, the other half replacing for them within the enclosure the half which they had outside of it, they gave their word to their children that they would not sell again, the said ranch remaining in favor of and for her legitimate children in order that after her death they may enjoy it as their very own.

All of the goods which fell to their share by inheritance from their deceased grandfather don Antonio Sisneros in the property of their deceased father; don Pedro Martín, of whom they were creditors as legitimate heirs.

Juan Manuel Martin gave the permit of exchange to escape the completion of the sale of all the land and to secure that which remained assured, in order that his minor brothers would not have anything to cause them worry.  They also gave right to the water to Lt. don Cristobal Quintana in order that he may convey it at his own expense to the said purchased property. 

Manuel Garcia, for myself and my wife
Jose Miguel Tenorio [second husband of Manuela Sisneros]
Juan Manuel Martinez
Antonio Benito Delgado
Ascension Francisco Sandoval
Wit/ Gaspar Sanjil, X; Matillas Martin, X

[Estate of Pedro Martin, who married Maria Manuela Sisneros, names his four heirs, Juan Manuel, Viviana, Santiago and Juan Cristobal.]

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 606, Reel 3, Frames 1560-1571
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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