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Manuel Mares ~ Will 1804

Be it known to all those who see this, my testament, as I Manuel Mares, a crippled soldier from the company of this capital of Santa Fe, find myself sick in bed of an accident.

I declare that I was solemnly married first to Maria Barbara Unuane and from this matrimony we had our six legitimate children who are: Maria Manuela, José Manual, deceased; Maria de Jesus, José, Juan, and Nicolas, whom I acknowledge as my legitimate children

I declare that in this matrimony my wife did not bring under my care any dowry. Neither did I. I only recognize an inheritance of my said wife a piece of land which is composed of 60 vara shares which I have built my home for which in the said land my children of said nuptials will not inherit; but will in the part of the house which will be given to them.

I declare that I was married a second time to Maria Luisa Gutierrez, in which matrimony we had as our legitimate children three daughters: Maria Encarnacion, Maria Barbara, and Maria Francisca. In this matrimony my said second wife only brought one cow which was used for our support. I did not bring single thing.

I declare as my estate and that of my minor daughters hundred and 120 varas of land which I bought from a Apolonia Alire with goods of labor from my second wife and I and I introduced some amount for the said purchase. Is my will that it be said, my heirs enjoy it is land boundaries are in the West are the Arroyo and a highway; on the South by an irrigation ditch of the land of the deceased Don Felipe Tafoya; on the East by the lands of Antonio Castillo; and on the North by the wagon highway. Which writings of the said land have been delivered to me, I order my guardians to collected and deliver it to my minor daughters.

I declare as my estate 60 varas of land which I acquired as purchase with the others were I have my house.

I declare as my estate and other 60 varas of land surety from my parents, which are in the middle of two arroyos and all of this them at the villa.

I declare as my estate the above-mentioned house where I live which is composed of four rooms.

I declare as my estate a yoke of oxen, one dry cow, one burro, a griddle iron, and old kettle, a chest and its lock, three large flour boxes, a small ax, one hoe, 11 parchment pictures of saints, one mattress, and one blanket, a pair of straps, one quirt and one yoke.

I declare that I owe the following to Juan Domingo Mares a peso in coins. To Manuel Sena, nine pesos and two bits. To Diego Sena, two pesos.  To Pablo Brito 1 ½ pesos. To Salvador Martín, one peso. To Javier Mares, nine pesos.  To Felipe Mares one peso. To Nicolas Mares, a sheep and the lamb and in these cases some other debt comes up, with given proof, I order it to be paid.

I declare it that the following only the soldier José Armijo owes me eight pesos coins. Francisco Gutierrez owes me a horse which I sold to him, when he took employment 14 pesos in coin.  Chief Arvian owes me for two ounces of steel.  Rafael Barela owes me for two varas of wide unbleached muslin. Miguel Rodriguez owes me 12 bits in coins of this country. Diego Arias eight pesos and one fanegas of wheat.  Ignacio Angel owes me for a dry cow and a two-year-old bull. The Dionicio Segura owes me for 11 locks of wool. Juan Lobato owes me one peso in coins the land. And in the Anita Peña owes me one peso; everything that I stated here I order to collect it and add it to my goods.

I declare that to my son Juan de Jesus I have placed them in the office of blacksmith with Manuel Sena for a term of five years of which he only lacks 1 ½  years; the said Sena took the responsibility to send him home well-trained and well-dressed.

I declare that Antonio Castillo took a horse of mine against my will, and if my guardians on given the proof find justice finds they will compel him to pay for it.

I declare that I do not have any other testament.

I name is my guardians I give faith and commission to in the first place to Ygnacio, my son-in-law in the second place my son José Maria so they may take charge of my goods and keep them.

And it is made at this Villa capital of Santa Fe on the 19th day of the month of May the year 1804. Signed Juan de Dios Peña, rubric; Jose Campo Redondo, rubric; Chavez, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 604, Reel 3, Frames 1399-1402.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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