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Antonio Xavier Madrid ~ Will 1813

Be it known to all those who see this testament, I Antonio Javier Madrid, a crippled soldier of the Royal Garrison Santa Fe, find myself sick in bed.

I declare that I have been married to Teodora Polonia Valdes, for this time of 50 years in which we had eight children of whom four died: Josefa Maria, Juan Ignacio, Maria Gertrudis and Maria Josefa, who was married to José Manuel Sena, a gunsmith of this company. She and the three younger children died, single and the other for living are: Juan Nepomuceno, Maria de Jesus, Antonio and José Antonio whom I confess as my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare for my estate the house of which in which I live with its land in his deeds are in my possession is my wish to leave it to my wife.

I declare for my estate 275 varas of land from east to west at Agua Fria. I declare as my estate at tract of land at Arroyo Hondo whose deeds are in the possession of the crippled soldier, Viterbo Rivera and the other of Agua Fria is in my possession.

I declare as my estate 25 head of cattle of different ages.

I declare to have a mule and the horse and one burro.

I declare as my estate, two pigs.

I declare as my estate two guns - one from the armament and the other a carabine which I leave for my son, Juan Nepomuceno and the other to José Antonio.

I declare that the branding iron be left to my son José Antonio.

I declare as my estate, two hoes, one ax, and adze, one chisel, two lathes with its two hoistings, except its crank.

I declare as my estate a saddle and its outfits which I leave to my son, Juan Nepomuceno; the cartridge belt without cartridges.

I declare for my estate one shield, one pair of boots, one spur. This is left for my son, José Antonio.

I declare as my estate two carts, one well outfitted in the other without it.

I declare for my estate a shaving knife which is left for the benefit of my two sons, Juan Nepomuceno and José Antonio.

I declare as my estate 21 pesos in money which are under safekeeping in possession of the gunsmith of this company, don Manuel Sena.

I declare as my estate, one hat, one cape made out of blue cloth old, one frame of used coating cloth, and all these goods are left for my son Juan Nepomuceno.

I declare that it is my wish to leave for my grandchildren, Felipe and José Leno Madrid, one portion of the land in the tract which I have at Agua Fria; which is composed of 275 varas which are towards the river. To which donation their uncles have no right, nor any heir at any time, to make or reclaim part or protest any right, because this is my last will in case that at any time they intend to make a new lawsuit against them and move of the above mentioned land, not to hear them injustice or without it.

I declare is my wish to leave to my daughter, Antonia Gertrudis, a part of land added to the orchard lands which I have at my home which lies towards the east were the house lies.

I declare that I have sold to Antonio José Valdes a piece of land which is not been delivered to him, by varas, only by marks of which he is enjoying and which can be measured at any time.

I declare not to have any other goods and that I owe anything to no one.

I declare that Juan Antonio Madrid owes me for a horse. I order it collected.

It is my wish to name is my executors in the first place, my son-in-law, José Manual Sena, and in the second place my son-in-law Miguel Rodriguez, and in the third-place my son who Juan Nepomuceno who I bag for the love of God to comply and execute this last will.

Signed it along with those of in assistance at Santa Fe on January 3, 1813. Signed:  Miguel Portillo, rubric; José Larrañaga, rubric and José Francisco Griego, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 611, Reel 3, Frames 1552-1559.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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