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Antonio Sisneros ~ Will 1789

I, Antonio Sisneros, a resident of this place of La Soledad, in the town of San Antonio, being in, execute this will and testament as follows:

Declare that I was married to Ana Maria de Luna and we reared one daughter who died.

Declare that I married a second time to Juana Viviana Salazar and we reared six children Maria Manuela, Maria Victoria, Maria Teodora, Juan Agustin, deceased, Maria Barbara, deceased, and Juan Manuel, deceased.

Declare that I was married a third time to Maria Ana Trujillo, and we had two children, Bartolome Antonio and Felipe Neri, these last ones as well as the former I declare as my legitimate heirs.

I declare that my first wife did not bring any dowry to the matrimony, nor did the second wife.

My third wife brought a red skirt, already used, an old silk cape, an old box, which she still has and also a blanket.

I declare as my possessions, 23 mares of different ages, a stallion, five newly born colts, two little mules, six mules, four horses, a burro, a one-year old burrito, twenty-three cows of different ages, eight claves, six bulls, twenty-two oxen, three fattened, nine one-year old calves, forty-three steers on shares, these and with the rest make eight-six as per written deed.  I also have 460 ewes, twelve hogs and twenty-five goats.

Twenty-five buckskins, four pelts, four buffalo skins, three pack saddles, three carts, harness, five spades, three axes, six large hoes with short points, nine scythes, 27 serapes, a loom and two combs, three pair of smooth with two old, two sets of lathes, four barrels, two he-goats and two large ones, a branding iron, three benches, two tables, one large and the other small, four stools, three corrals, three corn racks, a bedstead, a box, two rifles, a gun, three revolvers, grain leather, two saddles with their knapsacks, wooden stirrups, various cushions, two pairs of spurs, one of them with silver buckles, three bridles, four hats with ribbon bands, used capes, ten pairs of trousers, one pair chamois skin, a sash, a pair of garters, a pair of woolen stockings, a silver cigar cane, a small amount of wool, eight flasks  - two them I loaned to Toribio and three bottles.

I declare to have a house of ten rooms, another of six rooms, and my dwelling house of ten rooms and one room outside; an orchard of 200 trees, small and large; two ranches, 124 varas and the other of 400 varas.  I have purchased in the meadow below here from Antonio Mestas, 450 varas of land. 

I declare to have loaned 162 pesos in cash and I have in the bottom of my trunk 300 pesos in silver.

I declare to have given to my three daughters by my second marriage, 119 trees which must be divided in equal parts, among the three sisters.  Moreover, to my daughter Maria Manuela, I have given a skirt, another serge skirt, a sash, a silk stockings, a silk handkerchief, a box from Michoacán, four mares, a colt, four cows, a calf, a yoke of oxen, a mule, a horse, twenty-five jugs, a saw, a house of three rooms and 80 varas of land, this I have delivered to her at the said time and I pledged myself to give the other two the equivalent in money, corresponding to them.  As guardian for the estate, and in good conscience, I realize I have given them more than their share.

I declare to have given my children, of my third marriage, to each one in particular, my weapons, saddles, except my gun and all my wearing apparel, and a young colt to each of them, the orchard with its 61 trees on the north side.

I declare to leave to my wife, a six-room house.  I leave her all the house furnishings, also some trees adjoining the house, on the north side consisting of 19 trees, which she planted herself.  Also, 60 varas of land on the north side; bounded on the north by lands of Juan Ignacio Martin to half the land and from there down, with lands of Maria Antonia Martin; south with my lands.  Also six cows, two yokes of oxen, a mare, a cart, 25 sheep and ten goats.

I declare that I owe no one anything. 

I name as my administrators first my brother, Policarpio Sisneros and second Meregildo Sisneros. 

Incomplete at this point.  (Antonio Sisneros died September 25, 1789 at San Juan de los Caballeros).

*Article published in the New Mexico Genealogist in 2013 about this family with co-author Patricia S. Rau.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 182, Reel 1, Frames 1298-1301.
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