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Vicente Martin ~ 1774

Let it be known that this testament that I, Bizente Martin, resident of Santa Fe, make my last and final will.

I declare that I have been married first to Ysabel Tafoya (1730-1757) from which marriage we had one son called Joseph Antonio; and the second time to Maria Manuela Urioste ( -1802), from which marriage we had no children.

I declare as my property, my house and lands.

I declare eight tame oxen, two horses and a mule which is a tame male mule.

I declare a saddle, a gun, a lance, a leather jacket, spurs, saddle pads, shield and bridle, which it is my will to bequeath to my son, Jose Antonio.

I declare as my property 350 ewes, which I have given on shares to Juan Lorenzo Atencio, for which I have an instrument executed by the said Ju Lorenzo, to wit: that of these 350 ewes, 200 are mine, 50 belong to my son and the remaining 100 belong to my wife which my wife had an brought to my possession before we were married.

I have given Bentura Baldes three cows, in all good faith, from which I do not collect any issue whatever, only the principal.

I declare I do not owe anything to anyone.

I declare I have a tract of land bounded by lands of the deceased Padre Bernardo, and lands of Manuel Ortiz, which it is my will to leave to my wife and son, Joseph Antonio.

I declare I have a house lot with its patio contiguous to my house.  It is my will, also that of my wife and son, Joseph Antonio, that it be left to my natural son, Miguel Martin.

I declare that Prudencia Gomez owes me 30 pesos; I order that they be collected.

I declare that Juan Fuentes, a resident of El Paso, owes me a barrel of wine. I order it collected.

I declare that it is my will that all the property known to be mine be partitioned in equal parts between my wife and my son, Joseph Antonio.

I name as my administrators, first my wife, second my son, Joseph Antonio Martin.  I request that don Manuel Garcia Pareja, Alcalde Mayor of this villa of Santa Fe, who is here present, interpose his authority.  This testament is executed in the grantor’s dwelling house on the 22nd of  March 1774, because he did not know how to sign, I, said Alcalde Mayor signed it with my witnesses.  Manuel Garzia Pareja, rubric.  Witnesses:  Antonio Armijo, rubric and Francisco Javier Fragoso, rubric.

*He also uses the name Benavides and Baranca.  His burial record is dated March 23, 1774 for a Vicente Baranca spouse of Manuela Urioste.  Other records indicate he is a Benavides, possibly his mother's name. 

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 594, Reel 3, Frames 1267-1270.
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