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Tomas Madrid ~ Will 1781

In the name of Almighty God, Know all who shall see this will that I, Tomas Madrid, retired Lieutenant of his royal garrison of the villa of Santa Fe, finding myself sick but of sound of judgment and in case God remembers me, I order my will.
I commend my soul to God, who created and redeemed it with His most precious blood.  I commit my body to the earth and order that it be shrouded with the habit of my Father Saint Francis and interred in the parochial church of my seraphic father, as a son of his third Order, in the transept.

My funeral is to be with Mass and vigils.  I order the celebration of one hundred Masses for my soul. 
I order the payment of four pesos to the obligatory bequest; one silver peso for each.

I declare to have been married according to the rites of our Holy Mother Church in first nuptials to Tomasa Pineda, for four years, from this matrimony we had one son, Tomas who died.

I declare that I have been married a second time to Josefa Micaela Mestas for the period of forty-nine years.  During this matrimony we had and reared five children:  three girls, Gregoria, Getrudis and Maria; two boys, Christoval, deceased and Ygnacio.

I declare that I have in this villa a house and a small portion of land described in a deed; it is my will to leave it all to my daughter Gregoria.

I declare that I have in the locality of Pojoaque a ranch with house and lands which I purchased as per deed.  It is my will that said house and land be divided between my wife and my sons; half of the house to my wife and half to my two last children; half of the land to my wife, and the other half to my three children in equal parts.

I declare that I have twenty-eight heads of cattle in oxen, cows and bulls and small cattle; it is my will that they remain in my wife's possession for her maintenance and that of her children, excepting two cows to be assigned to two youths whom I have raised; One Jose Antonio and the other Juan Jose, both orphans.  It is my will to give one to each.

I order that all furniture and utensils within the doors of the house is my wife's for her maintenance and that of her children.

I declare that I have a gun, two pistols, a sword, cartridge belt.  In case the King needs them they are at his disposal; if not, it is my will they be given to the orphan Juan Jose.

I declare that I have five horses which remain with the bulk of the estate in my wife's possession for the said purpose, of use for her maintenance.

I declare that I owe the Father Chaplain eighteen silver pesos; I order they be paid.

I declare that Juan de Urioste owes a Villa Alta blanket.

I declare that Francisco Xavier Fragoso, resident of this villa, owes me twenty-five silver pesos; I order them collected.

I declare as my executors and trustees of my estate, in the first place my wife, and in the second my son Ignacio, in order that they may keep and fulfill this last will, revoking, I do revoke, any memorandum, testament or codicil that may have been or still is in existence, and for is due compliance I request the First Ensign of this company to enforce it.  And I, the aforesaid, by virtue of the faculties conferred upon me the Lt. Colonel Governor and Captain of this Kindom, the Señor don Juan Baptista de Anza, did interpose it, acting with two assisting witnesses for lack of a scribe of any kind, not found in this government, on the 28th day of March 1781, the grantor signing with me and undersigned assisting witnesses.  In testimony, Thomas Madrid (rubric), witnesses:  Jose Maldonado (rubric), Antonio Guerrero (rubric), and Pablo Sandoval, (rubric).

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 595, Reel 3, Frames 1271-1278.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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