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Nicolas Mares ~ Will 1766

Will know all who read this writing that I, Nicolas Mares, a resident of this Villa of Santa Fe and of the kingdom of New Mexico and a soldier of the Royal Garrison; a legitimate son of Joseph Antonio Mares and Ana Antonia Rodriguez will, both deceased, and ill in bed but of sound judgment and complete memory.

I declare that I have been married according to the holy church to Josefa de los Reyes y Vargas for the past 32 years (m. March 28, 1737). During this marriage we had and reared 10 children who are the following: Lorenzo, Manuel, Luis Cristobal, Joseph, Maria de la Luz, Francisco, Estevan, Joseph Manuel, Juan Domingo and Nicolas.

I declare as my property the house of my residence consisting of four rooms; it is my will that said house and furniture be left to my wife into my daughter, Maria de la Luz, in equal parts.

I declare as my property the following lands: bounded on the East by lands of Santiago Garcia, on the West by lands of Marcos Apodaca, on the South by an acequia in the road which goes to the Hill, on the North by the acequia madre, and it is my will that the same be divided equally between my wife and children.

I declare as my property 23 breeding cows, six bull calves - two years old and seven calves one-year-old and also two yoke of oxen.

I declare as my property five mules.

I declare as my property eight horses, all weapons and covers, rifle, blunderbuss, sword, saddle and bridle, spears and cartridge belts.

I declare that Santiago Garcia owes me one cow and a calf.

I declare that Julian Chavez owes me one horse and I order that to be collected.

I declare that Tomas Ortiz owes me one peso in silver in order that it be collected.

I declare that Ygnacio Vargas owes me one ½ fanegas horse beans and ½ fanegas of peas.

I declare having delivered to Leonardo Gonzalez one cow and heifer one-year-old, and ½ fanegas of wheat in payment of a parcel of land that I bought from him, and which has not been delivered to me, and order that if the same is not received that the money be collected.

I order that Benito Armenta be paid 12 reales for the making of three large quilts.

I declare that I owe an Indian of Chile and adze in order said to be paid.

And to comply and fulfill this last will and testament I name and appoint as my administrators of my estate in the first place in this principle my brother, Joseph Mares, and second administrator, my wife, Josefa Vargas, to each of whom I shall give poor power and authority to carry it out.

I signed this on the same 10th day of the month of January of this year 1766 in the presence of the Lieut. of this Royal Garrison, Don Tomas Madrid and in the presence of acting witnessed Juan Calletano Unanue and Joseph Miguel Garduño who signed. Not being able to write my name I asked Joseph Miguel Garduño to sign for me.

Nicolas Mares, rubric, Juan Cayetano Unanue, rubric, Thomas Madrid, rubric, Joseph Miguel Garduño, rubric. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #567, Reel 3, Frames 1140-1144.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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