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Jose Maldonado ~ Will 1789

On 9th June 1789, I the first ensign of this royal garrison, went to the dwelling house of the pay master, 2nd Lt. Don Jose Maldonado, by order of the Lt. Col. and Governor, Don Fernando de la Concha, together with the 2nd Sgt., and one Corporal, so that the said Lt. could make his last will and testament, who of his own free will stated he would do it.

I declare that I married doña Luisa Tenorio, from which marriage we raised and have seven children:  Jose Miguel, Gaspar, Teodora, Francisca, Jose Miguel, Baltasar, and Antonio, tow of which died in childhood.

I declare as my chattels, my dwelling house, which it is my wish that it be left to my wife together with all the furniture.

I declare that I have another house and lands on the other side of the river, which I leave to my wife.

I declare an allotment of land at Buenavista and a cornfield, where they call the wagon road; it is my wish, that it be divided amongst my four sons, giving Antonio the better part, he not having received anything during my life.

I declare that I have at the settlement of Tome, a small house and land, as it appears from this and the above stated writings, and which it is my wish that it be divided amongst my sons.

I declare that to my three married sons, I have given them what I could, I order that to the other two, be given enough to equal the amount of the first ones. 

I declare eleven horses, three mules, and everything pertaining to them. With two saddles, one embroidered, a rifle, a pair of pistols, a saber, my clothes, two oxen, thirty five goats, four cows with calves and two burros one female.

I declare the house and lands on the other side of the river, be my wife’s; but only during her life and that after her death, it be given to my sons.

I declare a partido of ewes, the number which appears in an obligation from Manuel Aragon and that he owes me an additional 15.

I declare another partido of ewes with Marcos Martin, which I have a note for.

I declare that I do not owe anything.

I declare having in the treasury the salary expended services rendered during the whole of last year and this one to this date, as it appears in the books, and I order to be collected.
I declare $350 pesos, from the synod of Fr. Ambrocio Guerra, also $175 from Fr. Diego Sajado and $100 from Fr. Santiago Fernandes de Sierra, which I order to be collected.

I declare that the governor, don Fernando de la Concha, owes me $591 pesos, 6 reales and six grains that were withheld from me at the Royal Treasury in Chihuahua, as it appears in the book at pages fourteen and after.

I declare that Capt. Manuel de la Azuela owes me $173 pesos, three reales and one grain, which I order collected.

Name as my administrators and legitimate attorney, don Rafael Sarracino that in company with my wife doña Luisa Tenorio, as second; and my son Gaspar as third. 

I ask that I be buried at the church door and my funeral humble and that my body be shrouded with the habit of Father St. Francis in the name of God.

I ask that 300 masses be said for my soul.

I order that from the residue of my chattels, that half be divided between my five sons, in equal parts, it being understood that my said wife did not bring anything, a dowry, into the matrimony, neither did I bring anything worth while and the good recognized as mine were acquired by our work.  Signed Jose Nicolas Corat de Maldonado, rubric.

Witnesses: don Antonio Guerrero, Sgt. don Cleto Miera, Corp. Jose Sandoval

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 598, Reel 3, Frames 1298-1356.
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