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Joaquin Pino ~ Will and Estate

I, Joachin del Pino, native of Mexico City and the legitimate son of don Juan Baptista del Pino and doña Petra Teresa Dabila, am ill and make the following testament.

I name as my executor my brother, Mateo Joseph Pino and second my legitimate wife doña Maria Barbara Sanchez.

For the mandatory obligations I leave four pesos to each.

I was married and veiled to doña Maria Barbara Sanchez and during our four year and three months of marriage we had three children who are Juachin Mariano, Ana Maria and third Juachin Mariano and the only one living is Ana Maria.  

I declare that my wife brought nothing to our marriage.

I declare that I own 30 mules, six of them male and the all tame to the saddle and cargo with twelve sets of gear and sixteen mounts for oxen.

I declare that I own five tame breeding horses and one burro.

I declare I own seven oxen and a pair of cows.

I declare I own nine pigs, male and female.

I declare a new saddle, embroidered with stirrups of hide, a bit, an escopeta, a pair of pistols and a short sword.

I declare to have in my wardrobe two capes, one of blue Castilian, one of Quetaro wool (paño), one cap of scarlet cloth and lined, another one new, another cap of scarlet and one black, another white, one pair of scarlet pants and ones with ruffled serge and carmel color; a cape, a leather jacket and worn pants, one short one for the traveling.

I declare that all of the household goods, boxes of clothes, copper irons and more, dishes in the house, I leave to my wife with the balance and its pieces, and that belongs to me, my said wife, so that she may use them.

I declare to have the following ten books: del Padre Murilla, three more volumes of the title is Monarquia Indiana, Autos de Pe Torquemada, another of medium size the autos Extainefe, another of said autos of Dn Juan Parede Montalban.

I declare to have one ___ with one petaquia with key; two more large boxes with locks and cinches of iron and chain.

I declare to have one store of military ítems for Anza.  It belonged to Xavier who took it to my brother-in-law Diego Antonio Sanches on loan to tierra afuera (outside the province).

I declare to have two sets of buttons for a leather jacket, and one of fine jewels which are mine and two made of silver and other of ordinary blue; three cufflinks of silver that I use, three more ___ of silver – large in shoes, and some nice dress ones of silver, one cigarette holder in silver and in my use.

I declare to have two new hoes with my mark on them, a shield and one escopeta case loose.

 I declare to have sixteen sacks for wool.

I declare to have in my power 800 plus or more of minor animals, the majority of them have my brand which is recognized as mine and I have in my care; which is mine has a distinct brand and I order my executors to consolidate and to each one I give power for what’s more to be taken from my goods, to sell what is in excess and to comply and to determine what is the worth in their conscience and in order to comply this is my testament.  I name as my legitimate heirs my wife doña Maria Barbara Sanches and my daughter Ana Maria, who are my heirs and with my benediction of God and myself.

I declare to owe don Joseph Caltelmi 100 ___ of don Domingo Noboa the quantity of 332 silver pesos.

I declare to owe don Francisco Dias Moradilla the quantity of 600 plus silver pesos and said Señor has in his power two shrouds of mine.

I declare I owe the Asienda (hacienda) of Ensinias about 15 pesos more or less.

I declare to owe don Juan Joseph Bausan the quantity of 100 pesos in silver more or less.

I declare to owe to my brother, don Mateo Joseph Pino the quantity of 247 silver pesos; and he is present my said brother, and executor don Mateo Joseph Pino he pardoned what I promised and I have a receipt.

I declare to owe Ro  Pe Mro Fray Agustin de Ysleta the burial of one of my sons, with a Mass and an additional Mass and which is for my Señora Santa Ana with twenty three more prayed masses and one sung.

I declare to owe Ro Po Fray Manuel Roxo one sermon he preached to Señora Santa Ana.

I declare to have accounts with Señor Bentura Mestas which consist and are expressed in the book of accounts.

I declare to owe my brother, don Mateo Pino the quantity of 225 sheep pertaining to the animals that Bentura Mestas has.

I declare that I all I have referred to and pointed out in this testament I order that my executors pay them the said debts.

I declare and say that I have a book of accounts dated with the year of 1757 with sheets numbered 2 – 114, where all is shown of the accounts which are faithful and legal of all who owe me and place my executors who are capable to oversee; the majority of which these fiscal matters in the payment of them to the satisfaction of the partitions which I declared owing in this testament to unburden my soul.

I declare to have another book of accounts with pages without accounts and four exemptions noted, but is not enumerated in what is due me; owing me knives and various items, I charge my executors to recover said dependencies.

I declare that all that is referred to and order, fulfills and executes like in this it contains or because of the present, I revoke, annul and revoke retire other statements or testaments, letters, codicils and powers enable to testate that which I and solely that this is my final wishes and to execute this I ask and implore the Teniente of this jurisdiction who is don Domingo Baca oversee and validate this my final wishes, and assistance after this laws and customs of my conscience and I the referred penitente of the alcalde mayor, Domingo Baca, being of sane mind and faculties, and so that it has force I give and ___ voluntarily, closure and legal, and enforcing my authority; I give faith …at San Agustin de la Ysleta without a public scribe for which there are not any in this realm, signed the 7th of December of 1768.

Signed Joachin del Pino, rubric; Domingo Baca, rubric; Domingo Luna, rubric; Juan Franco Baca, rubric.

I also declare to have five horses.  The estate was valued at 28,452 pesos.

Reference: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Twitchell Miscellaneous, Frame 408-469.
©Henrietta M. Christmas & Patricia Sanchez Rau

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Simon Leyba ~ Will 1783

I,  Zimon de Leiba declare I am ill and hereby make my last and final will and testament.

I declare that I was married and veiled to Feliciana Gonzales who is deceased and we had one child who is Salvador Xto, who I declare is my legitimate and sole heir.

I declare my home with six rooms, a corral, a shed, a plaza and a kitchen garden.

I declare that I do not owe anyone anything.

Declare that Francisco Unsures owes me 17 pesos de la tierra, I order them collected.

I declare that Francisco Coris of Santo Domingo Pueblo owes me 15 rams, 10 sheep, I order them collected.

I declare I have 13 breeding cows, four pair of oxen, 30 female sheep without young.

I declare I own a handful of mares, 10 tame horses, a non-broken horse, five burros, two broncos, three ____ in the hands of Antonio Riega at arroyo de Piedra.

I declare I own two saints in bultos, one Santo Cristo in bronze, a large rug of 27 varas, one cabacha, two benches, one pot, a bronze case.

I declare one piece of land in which to plant wheat, next to the Tenorios.

In my possession a sabre that belong to my father, now deceased.

An old Petaca in the house where I was born at in Santa Fe.

A pistol, bullet case and Spanish escopeta.

A piece of land that was my inheritance from my father, Jose Leiba.

I name Salvador Xto as my executor and I ask that Salbador Rivera officiate the will.

Signed at Santa Fe on October 15, 1783, Francisco Antonio Suazo.

Zimon de Leyba, rubric; wit/ Francisco Apodaca, rubric and Jose Miguel Bachicha, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Twitchell 868, Reel 11, Frames 604-606.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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Crespins mentioned in Land Records 1716-1762

167 171 194 180 437 438 775 Cristobal Crespin

I, Cristoval Crespin, a citizen of this jurisdiction of the new town of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, and of the families that were recruited in the city of Zacatecas by the Marquis de la Brazinas in the year of 1693, for the settlement of this province of New Mexico, appear before your Excellency in due legal form and state;

In this present year of 1714, I have remained in this province always serving His Majesty as there has not been allowed to my mother, Juana de Ansiso, who acted as head of the family, even a small lot of land to enable her to build a house, this prompted me to enlist as a soldier at this military presidio, where I served 14 years, but having an attack of sickness and being unable to perform my duties I withdrew the said enlistment some eight months ago.

Finding myself with a large family, a wife and children, and having no land to cultivate so as from the product I might gather there from to support my family, I therefore, register the land adjoining that registered by Ensign Salvador Santistevan and Capt. Bartolome Lovato, to the extent that there may be corn and wheat growing land at the said place on the Chama river, which land is uncultivated and unsettled and included in the public domain, and which I ask in a grant from your Excellency, who will please grant it to me together with the entrances with due respect exits.

I declare in due legal form that this, my petition is not made in dissimulation and as may be necessary, etc.
Signed Cristoval Crespin

Amendment – I will state that the grant I apply for is that our two families, that is to say my own and that of Nicolas Griego, may be accommodated; the available portion of said land to be divided between the two in equal portions, and in the form I ask the said grant… Cristoval Crespin

On 29 August 1714, granted whatever is left after granting 4 fanegas Salvador de Santistevan and Nicolas de Valverde, and the two fanegas with a house, lot and garden which in their outskirts I granted to Capt. Bartolome Lovato, then whatever land there shall remain I do, in the name of His Majesty...  Signed Juan Ignacio Florez Mogollon, Roque de Pinto

On 31 August 1714, Capt. Sebastian Martin, Chief Alcalde and War Captain, placed Cristoval Crespin and Nicolas Griego in royal possession as required in the grand made by His Excellency the Governor.  Having observed all the formalities, the land was granted.  Boundaries are:  adjoining the lands of Ensign Santistevan and Nicolas Valverde, whom were directed to place landmarks on the west of the said Chama River up to where the acequia madre will begin, on the south lands of Captain Bartolome Lovato, the south lands of Antonio de Salazar and to where the Chama joins the del Norte River; on the east the said Chama River and to he west the hills.  Signed - Sebastian Martin.

A year later, Cristobal Crespin is asking for an extension of the title to his property as he has been very ill.  He is also complaining that Jose Trujillo has encroached on his land since he has not been able to work on it.  Trujillo is told to demolish the corrals and vacate the property since the land was given in royal possession to someone else.  Signed Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon, November 25, 1715.

SANM #171, Santa Fe

On 21 October 1718, Cristobal Crespin came to me that he had bought some lands and a house lot, in this villa on the other side of the river from Juan Martin, as it appears more in detail in the document...  He sold to Miguel Duran resident of said villa, and solider of the royal garrison for the price of 160 pesos which he received and declared that he was contented, satisfied and paid.  Witnesses were Bernardino Fernandez, Antonio Tafolla and Bernardo, signed Jose Bueno Bojorquez y Corona, (rubric)

SANM #194
In this villa of Santa Fe, on the 7th of November 1755, before me, don Francisco Guerrero, alcalde mayor, the teacher Sebastian de Vargas and resident of this villa, and whom I testify to know, presented himself and declared that he sold and did sell to Gregorio Crespin, also a resident of this villa to wit:

A portion of land capable of containing a fourth part of a peck of gran, for the consideration of 50 pesos, which the said Sebastian de Vargas received to his entire satisfaction and declared that the property was not worth any more.  The boundaries were east to west 400 Castilian varas bounded on the east by the road to Los Pecos; west as far as the church and a clump of trees; north the lands of Juan de Urioste and south with the house of the purchaser. Signed Francisco Guerrero, rubric; wit/ Manuel Vigil and Estevan Rodriges.

SANM #180

Gregorio Crespin, a resident of the said villa of Santa Fe, appear before you and not having a piece of land to be able to plant, and in order to fulfill my obligations, I have been informed of a piece of land that is located on the other side of the river and which is leavings of Captain Juan Garcia de las Ribas, who was a resident of the said villa and the lands are bound by on the east the lands of Captain Juan Garzia; on the west by lands of Juan Felipe Rodriguez; north the lands of Captain Sebastian de Vargas and south by the road leading to El Alamo.

At the villa on the 8th of August 1742, I the Lt Colonel, don Gaspar Domingo de Mendoza, Governor and Captain of this kingdom, commanded the alcalde mayor, don Antonio Ulibarri to go upon the track of lands asked for and examine them.

I, Antonio Ulivarri, after examining the lands, took Gregorio Crespin by the hand and led him over the grounds – He plucked the grass, cast stones and shouted saying “Long Live the King of Spain, My Lord, don Felipe the Fifth” whom God preserve for many years, and showed him the boundaries which are east the lands of Miguel Garcia de las Rivas, west the lands of Felipe Pacheco, north the public road leading to El Alamo and south the ancient ditch which is the boundary of Juan de Arguello.  At the said act of possession there were present, Felipe Tafoya, Juan Antonio de Apodaca, Juan de Arguello and Juan Antonio de Archuleta, whom I asked if they knew or had notice of any other person claiming such land and they said no.  Signed Antonio de Ulibarri, rubric; wit/ Felipe Tafolla, rubric and Juan Manuel Chirinos, rubric.

SANM #437

I, Bartolome Lovato, a resident of the new town of Santa Cruz and one of the citizens who immigrated to the province of New Mexico for the purpose of settling under order of the most excellent Count de Galva appear before you.  A piece of land which was granted to me in royal favor situated at the place called Chama on the other side of the river, said grant referred to but in conjunction with me the Ensign Salvador De Santistevan, Antonio Trujillo, Antonio Salazar and Cristoval Crespin together with Nicolas Griego, Nicolas Valverde and Juan de Mestas and we being placed in the settlement of the said place on 13th of January of the year.  We ask that the tract of land be ruled in our favor — Bartolome Lovato.

In 1716, land is being questioned, the grant apparently being withdrawn, 14 November 1716; Land is redistributed so that they may reap the fruit of their labors, especially as the lands in question are upon the frontier and are a grant benefit to the new town of Santa Cruz and the Pueblos of San Juan and Santa Clara.  Signed Juan Paez Hurtado, (rubric); Miguel Tenorio de Alba, Secretary of War

SANM #438

In this villa of Santa Fe, on 25 October 1718, appeared Cristobal Crespin, resident of Santa Cruz, said that he bought from Juana Martin some land and a house lot in this villa across the river, as well be evident by the instrument that was performed before me and was filed in the archives.  He sold to Miguel Duran a resident of this villa and a soldier of this royal garrison, for a certain price and amount which he received and for which he acknowledges having been fully paid;   Amount received was 166 pesos.  Resigned and witnessed, Diego Arias de Quiros, (rubric)

At the request of Miguel Duran, there was added to this writing the price of 166 pesos, Signed don Francisco Joseph Bueno de Bohorquez y Corcuera, rubric; wit/ Juan Manuel Chirinos and Juan de Pas Bustillos.

SANM 775

At the villa of Santa Fe on the 29th of October 1762, before me, Manuel Gallego, alcalde mayor of this villa, appeared Gregorio Crespin, a resident who was giving and gave in royal sale to the soldier Antonio Ribera, one portion of land and house composed of three rooms.  It is located at the place which they call Buena Vista and the boundaries are from north to south on the west side 267 ½ varas from west to east on the south side 316 ½ varas; from south to north of the east side 316 ½ varas; and east to west on the north side 198 ½ varas.   The boundaries are the east side the Pecos Road; west the lands of Bisente Sena; north, the lands of Felis Uriosti and south the lands of Nicolas Moran and Ricardo Crespin.

Signed Manuel Gallego, rubric at the request of Gregorio Crespin, Diego Antonio Baca, rubric
Wit/ Antonio Domingues, rubric and Joseph Miguel Garduño, rubric.

References;  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #'s 167, 171, 194, 180, 437, 438, 775.
©Henrietta M. Christmas