Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soldier, Cristobal Madrid ~ 1765 Will

I, Xptobal Madrid, soldier of this royal garrison of Santa Fe, being sick in bed, do make my last will and testament.

I declare that I was married to Francisca Herrera and from this marriage we had nine children, of whom seven are alive and two dead.

I declare as my property, my dwelling house which consists of four rooms, and piece of land that measures 125 varas in length and 60 in width.

I declare ownership of two tracts of land at La Cañada that my wife inherited from her parents.  One tract measures 350 varas in length and 15 varas wide, and the other tract measures 90 varas in width and in length from the road to the river.

I declare that my wife brought and placed in my possession, 16 head of cattle of all kinds, bull and heifer, calves and three horses, which I, my wife and my children consumed.

I declare I have eight cows and three little calves.

I declare the ownership of six horses.

I declare that I have in my possession all the equipment with nothing missing, that I used during the time I was in service to the King.

I declare that I owe Felipe Tafolla, three pesos.

I declare that I owe Juachin Leiva, six pesos.

I declare that it is my will that my dwelling house and furniture be left to my wife and we obtained said property during our married life and it is my will that my wife and children may enjoy the same with God’s blessings and mine.

I name and leave my wife and my son, Antonio Xabiel as my administrators.  This 9th day of January 1765 in the presence of the Lt. Tomas Madril and Ensign don Francisco Esquivel, with two witnesses: don Francisco Esquibel and Joseph Miguel Garduño.

Signed, Thomas Madril, rubric; Jph Miguel Garduño, rubric; Franco Esquibel, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 560, Frames 1116-1119.  Also in the NMGS Journal, 39:4, December 2000 co-published with Virgnia Sanchez.
 ©Henrietta M. Christmas

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