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Juan Jose Moreno ~ 1746 Will

I, don Juan Jose Moreno, a native of the city of Seville in the Kingdom of Castile, and legitimate son of don Roque Moreno and doña Ysabel de Abila y Villabuzenzo, residents of the said city and both deceased.  I am sick and order this testament.

I ask to be buried in the church of Our Lady of the Conquest in this town.

I declare having been married to doña Juana Roybal in this villa of Santa Fe, in whose company and marriage I have lived for over 23 years, during which time we have not had any children; I declare that it may so appear.

I order to be celebrated for my soul, 260 masses with three novenas of low masses in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Conquest, and another novena on the first festivity of Our Lady of Light after my death.

I declare to have had accounts with Francisco Gomez, a resident and merchant in the villa of San Felipe de Real de Chihuahua, to whom I am indebted in the amount contained in the bill amongst my papers, which I order to be paid when the same may be adjusted.

I also declare that I owe to Francisco Garcia, resident of the ranch of Carmel about 100 and odd pesos in current prices of the land, for several accounts which I have collected for him contained in a memorandum.  I have not collected what I have stated and I order my executors to pay him, returning the said power that he may collect the rest.

I declare to owe Bentura de Mestas, 100 pesos in cash, with the interest for two years at the rate of five per cent per annum.  I order to pay him.

I declare to owe don Manuel Saenz de Garvisu 90 pesos in silver, the amount drawn in favor of Fray Manuel Bermejo, to whom I am indebted, I order to pay said don Manuel.

I declare to owe Maria Coca, deceased three ladies shirts of linen of Rouen, and the other two of fine linen of Brittany, embroidered with two-inch lace, which I took to the Province of Sonora to sell and not having sold them I trusted them to don Manuel de Sosa, resident of the province of the real de Cacosari, to whom I trusted them in good faith and having learned that said gentleman is dead, and not having sold them; his wife having married a second time, I have settled with the sons of doña Maria Coca. To value the goods by expert ladies and they may value them at, to which account I have given them four horses, not very good ones, and some goods, which will appear by a memorandum; an if any balance should be due, when advised of the value, my executors will pay for them.

I declare to have accounts with don Juan Francisco de Arroniz, to whom I am indebted for several things which I have needed, I order to pay what he may say as I have no memorandum.

I declare to have several salaried servants, as will appear in my book of accounts, the same to be adjusted; and those who may owe me anything, to be collected and to those to whom  may owe, I order to pay them.

I order my executors, that if anybody should demand anything against my property that I owe him any amount, which I may not have mentioned here for lack of memory, when the same may be justified; I order to pay them and for the satisfaction of the debts, which I have mentioned and far those which may be able to occur with justification, I declare the following as my property:

First, my house of resident containing a hall, three rooms, kitchen, corrals, stables and two other rooms, with cultivated lands contiguous to said house, as will appear by deeds in my possession, the said lands running as far as the creek.

I declare 26 or 27 horses at the Pueblo of Taos, also one jack and filly – one year old.

The cattle which may be found with my brand at said Pueblo of Taos.

Also, in the possession of Antonio Sandoval, resident of Golondrinas, 50 mares of all ages and their stallions.

In the horse herd of this royal garrison I have 20 horses.  I also have in said stock of horses, about 30 mules, most them mare mules; nine I have freighting; three of them on my account.

I declare to have in the possession of Geronimo Martin, a resident of Abiquiu 58 breeding cows and ten bulls, as appear by the instrument which he made and which is in my possession, by which my executors can be guided; also 16 heifers and 16 bulls due for the increase which remained in the possession of the said Martin on my account and risk.

Also, eight wethers from 3-4 years old at Taos Pueblo.

Three yoke of oxen in this town.

I declare to have about 500 of all kinds of hides.

I declare to have about thirty and some odd measures of rendered piñon.

I declare to have the goods contained, which will be found in my simple memorandum.

Also declare my wearing apparel.

All my necessary utensils of horse riding, fire arms, blunderbuss, a cutlass and a shield.

I also declare as my property, to have that don Antonio Gutierrez del Castillo owes one load of hides, which appear by a memorandum, that he should send the same goods with the explanation that in case anything should be lacking for the compliance of the order he should furnish it. 

Also declare to have given to Antonio Domingues, alias Benado, one load of buckskins on his account all with its’ own prices; the large ones at one peso and 25 centavos and the small ones at 62 ½ centavos; the buffalo dressed hides at 1 ½ peso; they appear in a paper and its quality.

Also declare to have given to Mateo Roybal some other buckskins which appear in a memorandum how he took them.    -continued-

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 552, Frames 1042-1056.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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