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Getrudis Martin ~ Estate 1762

The wife of Bernardo Madrid and secondly, Lazaro Atencio.  Her son asks for her estate to be valued for his part of the inheritance.  This begins of August 9, 1762 as she died without a will or testament.

A ranch and house.
Eight mares.
One - one year old colt.
One colt and two fillys.
Two, 1-2 year old horse mules.
One, 1 year old stud jack.
One stud horse.
Two hoes, one is broken.
One small cutter.
One axe.
One adze.
Two chisels.
One big auger.
One hand saw.
One copper spit.
One flat iron pan.
Once corn and two wheat grinding stones.
Two wooden boxes.
An altar with images.
One pair of scarlet cloth skirts.
One pair of serge skirts.
One pair of skirts worn and torn, worthless.
Two ladies shirts.
One ladies shawl.
One pair of worsted stockings.
One pair of ladies shoes.
One pound of chocolate.
One bottle of wine.
Native soap.
Three yokes of oxen.
One cow and yearling calf.
Three horses, one gray, one iron gray and another gray.
One corral of posts.
Some fruit trees.
The four cornfields.
A portion of land planted in wheat which produced 30 1/2 measures, valued at 122 pesos.
One new cart.
One second hand cart.
Two pack saddles, one new without girdle and the other with.
A measure of small tomatoes.

Signed Carlos Fernandes (rubric).

The said settlement and amount of the estate was $1,650 pesos.  Less costs for threshing and cleaning the wheat, tithes of the fruit for a total of $42 pesos.  Fees for appraisers, witnesses and judge fees, plus trips, $50 pesos.  The subtotal of $1,558 pesos to be divided between the husband (Atencio) and the son, Cristobal Madrid; basically $776 pesos each.  Signed September 6, 1762.

Carlos Fernandez, with witnesses:  Francisco Antonio Sisneros, Francisco Sanchez.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 599.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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