Saturday, November 30, 2013

Francisco Martin ~ 1764 Will

Know ye all that I, Francisco Martin, am sick and execute this testament.

I ask that I be buried at the church of San Juan, near the steps and to Our Lady of Guadalupe, at the same.

I elect and appoint my son, Julian, as executor and my wife, Casilda Contreras, as the keeper of my estate.

I declare that I was married to Casilda Contreras, and from this marriage we had eleven children:  Antonio, Juana, Juan Francisco, Pedro, Josefa, Manuel, Salvador, Maria, Barbara, Julian, Luisa – all Martines, who are my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare that I own a house which contains four rooms within the boundaries of the parcel of this place, which I declare is shown by the documents.

I declare that I have twenty head of cattle of all ages, eleven cows, one bull, one bullock and three yoke of oxen.

One cart complete, two plows and one plow-point complete.

I declare that I have fifteen head of sheep and fifteen goats.

Six mules, four gentle and two wild.

Three horses broken to the bridle.

Seven mares wild and one gentle, and one other wild and a horse colt.

Two old pick axes and two old wooden plow points.

One adze, two chisels, two axes and one saw.

I declare that I do not owe any person a single real.

I declare that I have eight sickles.

Two large hogs and three small.

I declare that I have three women servants; they are free, but remain with my wife so she can take care of them and they will not be left to run around as vagabonds.

One branding iron.

I declare that I own one barrel for one and another for two flasks and one saddle complete.

I find myself, that all my lands and other goods are divisible in equal parts among my legitimate children, as brothers and sisters.

I declare no other testament.

I, Francisco Sisneros, the deputy for the alcalde mayor, certify and make the witnesses, Miguel Medina and Miguel Duran, residents of this kingdom on November 14, 1764.

Signed, Francisco Antonio Sisneros (rubric); Julian Martin, Cristobal Lorenzo Lovato.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 565
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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