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Soldier, Jose Lucero ~ Will 1827 Santa Fe

Let it be known by this public testamentary document, my last and final will that I, Juan Lucero, retired soldier of this company of Santa Fe am ill in bed and I order this my testament in the following manner.

I order my funeral to be military, in accordance with ordinances.

I declare that I was married according to the rights of our holy church to Maria Petra Baca, for 38 years, in which matrimony we had and raised one son was named Ignacio, whom I acknowledge as my legitimate son heir and successors. 

I declare as my property one house, which is my home, in El Bado de Pecos, with its furniture which belongs to my wife.

I declare to have two ranches which consist of 400 varas, one in the plaza of San Jose del Bado and the other in La Cuesta. 

I declare and it is my wish that from the upper house that it be divided amongst the three ranches known as Ranchos de los Ynditos.

I declare as my property 13 mules, 10 horses, 40 pesos in money, and 500 breeding ewes.

I declare as my property 300 serapes, about 650 varas of course cloak, 24 Buffalo hides, 12 bedspreads, and nine white buckskin.

I declare that when I married my wife she brought to my possession 28 varas of land in her paternal home and 50 in Los Palacios which I order be restored to her from my ranches.

I declare that I have 60 pesos in money at interest from Miguel Flores, which is at my house, which I took the third day of the present month, besides 50 ewes from said Miguel Flores, for five years, which I received in the year 1822.

In the year 1823 I took from the same Flores, 34 ewes which I order shall be delivered.

I declare that various individuals owe me what is evident in the list in my possession; I order they be collected.

I declare not to owe any person, but if any justified it appears, I order it paid.

I declare that after the payment of my funeral testamentary bequests and debts, the residue be apportioned equally between my wife and son, that they may enjoy it with God’s blessing and my own.

I name as executors jointly and severally, my wife and second my son and third don Santiago Ruibali.

I testify that the grantor is in his entire insane mind and that he did not sign it as he did not know how, I, said Alcalde, signed with those who assisted me with and whom I act, for want of a national notary, not found in this territory.

Executed on 17 August 1827, which I certify; by the said Jose Maria Martinez, witness Domingo Fernandes, and Jose Viterbo Ortiz (rubrics)

** Received fees of six pesos in silver.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #470, Reel #3, Frames 489-491
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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