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Francisca de Misquia ~ Will 1714

In the villa of Santa Fe, on the 19th day of April 1714, I, doña Francisca de Misquia, the legitimate wife of Sargento Mayor Juan de Urribarri (Ulibarri) who is absent, am ill in bed.  I ask that the Captain don Francisco Jose Bueno de Bohorquez, Alcalde Mayor of this said villa in the form and manner as follows, do make this statement before him.

I ask that I be buried in the parish church of this villa. I ask that fifty masses be said for the souls of my parents and husband.

I was married to don Bernardo de Chaves and during that time we had and raised Joseph de Chaves and Luisa Manuela de Chaves, and Juan de Chaves, our legitimate children.

I declare that I was married a second time to Sargento Mayor Juan de Urribari and during this time we had no children.

I declare that at Rio del Norte at the Hacienda de Atrisco, the three children have a place of farm land and an apple tree with a plum orchard which belongs to the said children.

I declare two jewel cases, one made of wood and the other of grass, lined, half of linen, worn out and that of century plant fiber - I leave it to my daughter Luisa.

I declare a foot cover of green satin and a black jewel case made of camel grass - I leave it to Valentina Urribari.

I declare a foot cover of red satin lined in fine Dutch linen of buff color and a red handkerchief and a cloak with fringe and a black cloth with a small cape with white and black fringe, trimmed with silver braid - this I leave to my daughter Luisa.

I declare some coral bracelets which I leave to my daughter Luisa.  Besides I leave to the daughter some red silk stockings and a powder box of a unicorn with silver trim, with an old ring with three stones and three silver rings.

In the same manner I leave to my daughter, Luisa, a little chest of tortoise shell eight inches long.

I declare that three shirts of English linen; the striped one for Valentina and the blue one for my daughter, Luisa, and the others for alms in behalf of my soul. 

I leave for my daughter, Luisa, a skirt of scarlet red cloth and a petticoat, worn out.

I order to pay for my funeral and Masses, I leave a new foot cover of green serge, a blue kerchief with red and white flowers and fringe of yellow ribbon, and died yellow leaf, and a powder box of golden silver with bolt and key, and a tobacco chest burnished with iron.

I leave two silver spoons to my daughter.  

To pay for the funeral and alms for the Masses, a large copper kettle.  Besides a small copper pot, a copper jar, two copper candle sticks and a spit iron.

I leave to my daughter, Luisa, a trunk lined in black leather, besides a new ticking mattress with two woolen sheets and a blanket from Castilla, a pillow slip of buff color.

To pay for my funeral, I also leave a basket from Michoacan.  

I leave my daughter a pan made of iron and an iron apron.

To pay the funeral, I leave a metate with its pestle.

To pay for my funeral, I leave a mortar and pestle and a syringe.

I leave my daughter a looking glass.

I declare to have pawned a reliquary with the wife of Pasqual Truxillo, for two pesos, on it being paid, I leave it to my daughter.

I declare that Panchelo, from Nambe, owes me four buffalo skins, four white elk chamois and four buckskins. 

As part of my estate:  one dark horse, a note of one-hundred pesos, from which amount I have drawn, and the balance of it is to what I refer.

I declare to owe Captain Ygnacio Roybal the amount of pesos stated in his book of accounts.  I order it paid from the balance of the note and if the balance is not sufficient to pay for it, my husband will pay the rest. 

I declare to owe the Third Order twelve pesos for the enrollment, which will be aid by my husband. 

I declare to owe Baltasar Trujillo six pesos which my husband will pay for.  I owe the teacher Antonio Duran, twelve pesos for the tuition of my children which my husband will have to pay.

As my estate, two and a half fanegas of wheat, planted o the lands of Captain Diego de Quiros and I own for the work the oxen did on the planting, to Salvador de Archuleta, I order to have it paid from the sale of the said wheat.

I owe Antonio Sedano two pesos which my husband will pay for.

I declare to owe Antonio Baca six pesos, which my husband will pay.

I loaned to Diego Antonio a crucifix, which belongs to my son, Juanico, to whom his father left for him.  I order to have it recovered and deliver to my son and I order the guardian to do so when it pleases him.

I appoint as my executor, Captain Juan Garcia de las Rivas, High Sheriff of the Inquisition, whom I name as guardian of my minor children and holder of goods, particularly those belonging to my daughter, Luisa, which he must keep until needed.  I am leaving the children in care of their aunt, doña Luisa Gomez Robledo, and should keep them until the arrival of their uncle, Domingo Misquia, to whom I leave my two sons.  The little girl I leave to my mother, doña Maria Luzero, her grandmother.

She did not sign as she didn't know how, at her request, Captain Miguel de Sandoval Martinez did sign.  don Francisco Joseph Bueno de Bohorques, rubric; at the request of the grantor, Miguel de Sandoval Martines, rubric; Assisting witnesses;  Ju Manuel Chirinos, rubric and Ju Paez Hurtado, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #495, Reel 3, Frames 659-665
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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